Is Felix Jones a Hero?

6’0, 212LBS

Jones, the No. 22 overall pick in the draft, provided a big-play complement to Marion Barber and showed flashes of brilliance in his six games. He had 266 yards on 30 carries (8.9 yards per carry) and scored four touchdowns, including a kickoff return.

That is all we have to go on as a professional, as a college player there is a little more. However people keep talking about Jones as a savior or something.

2007 his last year in college: He finished with 123 carries for 1,117 yards and 11 TDs, while averaging a whopping 9.1 yards per carry, leading the nation.

[Mickey Spagnola wrote while making excuses as to why Dallas went 9-7 last year; Felix Jones was 86-ed in the sixth game had he not gotten hurt things could have been a lot different.]

Here is my question to you: Why do I hear on the radio, and on ESPN and read online about what a Hero Jones is and all we have to go on is a really good 5 and ¼ games?

I like Jones don’t get me wrong I almost bought his jersey but I went with Ware instead.

What do you think?


Written by Michael Fulfer


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