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Is Felix Jones a Hero?

Dallas Cowboys

Is Felix Jones a Hero?

6’0, 212LBS

Jones, the No. 22 overall pick in the draft, provided a big-play complement to Marion Barber and showed flashes of brilliance in his six games. He had 266 yards on 30 carries (8.9 yards per carry) and scored four touchdowns, including a kickoff return.

That is all we have to go on as a professional, as a college player there is a little more. However people keep talking about Jones as a savior or something.

2007 his last year in college: He finished with 123 carries for 1,117 yards and 11 TDs, while averaging a whopping 9.1 yards per carry, leading the nation.

[Mickey Spagnola wrote while making excuses as to why Dallas went 9-7 last year; Felix Jones was 86-ed in the sixth game had he not gotten hurt things could have been a lot different.]

Here is my question to you: Why do I hear on the radio, and on ESPN and read online about what a Hero Jones is and all we have to go on is a really good 5 and ¼ games?

I like Jones don’t get me wrong I almost bought his jersey but I went with Ware instead.

  • BTreece

    I don’t know about Hero, but Jones brings an element that we haven’t had in Dallas for many, many years. He’s very quick, quicker than most people realize, and he has plenty of speed to go with it.

    Having a back that can stretch the field like that provides some real advantages for our team in the way that opposing defenses will have to gameplan for him. He also has very good hands and can be split wide as a receiver on any given play, which provides another asset, the deep threat. Now Jones is pretty small for a receiver and because of that, he won’t actually be much of a deep threat, but he is so quick that he could catch and short slant underneath and take it to the house.

    It’s such a real possibility that opposing defenses will be in fits trying to account for him whenever he’s on the field. Then you add to it the complexity of options that exist when you throw in guys like Barber and Choice, are so very different in their running styles, that we should be able to manhandle the other teams with scheming more than anything.

    That’s my though on it.

  • anthony (cowboys fan stuck in phiily)

    I’m not comfortable with calling anyone a savior except my lord and savior JESUS CHRIST. but with that said felix getting hurt is really why the offense bogged down last season with him back and everyone healthy,(romo,whitten,kosier,williams) the cowboys will be back to an 11 win team and in the playoffs. now lets just get it done in the postseason. lets all cowboys fans support them this season and not kill romo, remember he is only going into his third full season as the starter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go BOYS’

  • anthony (cowboys fan stuck in phiily)

    isn’t just weird that all those injuries were on the offense of side of the ball, not even mentioning the deffensive side. EVERYBODY JUST RELAX THE COWBOYS WILL BE BACK WITH SOMETHING TO PROVE AND WITH AVENGENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SEPTEMBER

  • Craig Cotton

    As Bryson said, Felix gives us a whole nother dimension to our offense. He allows us (if used properly) to spread out a defense. SS’s won’t know whether to follow Felix out of the backfield or cover Witten up the middle. They will have to make a choice. The one they don’t choose to cover will be covered by a LB. I say we get the ball into Felix’s hands as often as possible, and let Barber go back to what suits him better.


  • Joe C

    you have to remember Felix was sharing touches with McFadden in college, look at the stats:

    McFadden in 07 – 325 Carries, 1830 yards, 5.6 ypc, and 16 TD

    Jones in 07 – 133 Carries, 1162 yards, 8.7 ypc, and 11 TD

    But yet majority of the hype was for McFadden in the draft? Come on! If Jones was getting majority of the touches his stats would WELL SURPASS McFaddens. I’m not saying Jones is a hero, but he has potential to be one, along with his other supporting cast this year.


  • Austin

    With T.O gone this will help Jones to stand out, this should get him the ball more. I hope that he can stay healty……any truth to Romo for Cutler trade I sure hope not but Jerry Jones has done some pretty stupid things (i.e. T.O …Dorsett …ect)

  • Craig Cotton

    It should get Felix the ball faster with TO gone, but one red headed coordinator has to use him to his fullest potential. Hopefully, he will. If he does, you could see an amazing year from Felix, as long as he can stay healthy.


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