Is Jason Garrett Drafting For His Job?

I don’t care if you’re a Romo apologist, a True-Blue fan or founder of Cowboys Nation… Two 8-8 seasons isn’t going to cut it.  The Dallas Cowboys are a legendary franchise with a rich history of winning, Hall of Fame players and FIVE Super Bowl Rings.

That’s right, I said five Super Bowl Rings.

See, losing isn’t accepted by Dallas Cowboys fans, players and owners alike.  Frankly, we’re getting tired of rooting for the same under-achieving team. Something needs to change, we thought that Jason Garrett was that change and maybe he still is but he needs to prove it.

While Garrett has done a good job changing the philosophy of the team and building “his” type of team, he has been haunted by a bevy of mismanaged games.  I believe Garrett is a good coach but his blemished record and reputation with Cowboys fans has to have him feeling a little uncomfortable in his seat.

It is widely believed that this season will be the one that seals Garrett’s fate, either he’s the coach of the Dallas Cowboys for the foreseeable future or he’s on the unemployment line in 2014.

The 2013 NFL draft will go a long way in deciding Garrett’s future.  With an extremely talented team that’s finding itself healthy again the Cowboys are just a few pieces away to being contenders. The addition of an offensive lineman, interior defensive lineman and safety will go a long way in succeeding.  Luckily for Garrett, this is the deepest draft in years and is strongest in the area’s the Cowboys needs.

Historically, Garrett has proven to be a good talent evaluator.  In the years where he’s had input he’s been able to bring in guys like Dez Bryant, Tyron Smith, Bruce Carter, DeMarco Murray, Dwayne Harris, Morris Claiborne and James Hanna.  The past two years have vastly improved a team that has had a reputation for bad drafting and that can all be attributed to Garrett’s ability to scout and recognize talent.

I expect that Garrett will be calculated in this draft, examining every trade opportunity and every prospect.   With his recognition and drafting prowess, Garrett is the best person to maximize talent in this draft.

If he does, this team will see the postseason again.

If he doesnt, this team will be looking for another overhyped “fresh” start.

What do you think?


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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