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“It Was Not The Coaches Fault” Thanks For The Insight!

has decided this week to step out and defend his former defensive coordinator. While I think its commendable that he do that, I am to say the least, aggravated that he waited until the season was over to step up!

For an entire season Brian Stewart did everything he knew how to get this unit to play up to its potential. As we all know nothing he knew helped! Not until took over play calling duties did this unit begin to come around. The lack of preparation and willingness to accept their role by the players, eventually led to his demise.

This sort of, after the fact admission to guilt it what drives me crazy about today's players. Were these new thoughts that Mr. James just so happened to stumble upon? Or was he too gutless to stand up and defend his coordinator when the heat was being applied before the Tampa game? It seems to me that I remember one Bradie James making a comment sometime after the ass kicking in St.Louis. If I remember correctly he said something like “We are not running any of the things that we practice during the week” and “I just call the plays the tell me too” and “I just play what they send in, but we are not attacking like we should be”, does anyone remember these comments? Or am I dreaming this up?

Now I am no brain surgeon, but it sure sounds like to me that Mr. James was getting in on the “let's take a shot at Brian Stewart” campaign, that ran rampant around Cowboy nation. I would assume however that Bradie's comments back then were taken out of context by some knucklehead media person! Or he thinks that the fans are complete idiots!

Just like most every other player on this collection of individuals, Bradie would rather crawl away from the real problem, and at the same time lead everyone to believe he is accepting blame! Unfortunately much like a fly caught in a spiders web, the more he and the rest of the cowards with the Cowboys attempt to wiggle free, they just become more and more enslaved by the web! In this case he is caught red handed. Either he was lying to us back in week seven or he is lying now. Which is it Bradie?

These guys just cannot keep their mouths shut! I have a great idea for you Mr. James! How about you shut up, take responsibility for your failures and your teams failures, and fix the problems that you have control over! I realize that this would be entirely too much to ask of this eras athlete, but a guy can hope!

What ever happened to the days when athletes were athletes. You know the ones I am speaking of, those guys that just showed up and played as hard as they could possibly go! and when they were through they went home. Those days are looooong gone! Now we all have the pleasure of not only watching guys give half heart ed effort, but then get to listen to their bullshit afterwords.

At some point you would think these guys would get tired of having to weasel their way out of things, but apparently not!

Just shut up Bradie!

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