J.J. Wilcox to be a fan favourite?


Here I am at 00:28 on Sunday 24th typing out this post, but as I'm new to the site, you may not know that I live in Southend, Essex – Yes, that's in the UK!

I'll be going to my first Cowboys game in November as we take on the Jaguars at Wembley, and I have a choice to make – will I wear my throwback jersey, my white  jersey, my blue jersey which has yet to see an International series game at Wembley (although it does show #94), or is it time to purchase a new blue jersey?

If I'm going to buy a new jersey then, whose name should it bear?

Anyway, right now we're halfway through the 1st quarter of the Dolphins game after – Mr Automatic – has nailed a 52-yarder to tie up the game at 3-3. But what has already showed up on my radar is the play of . He's flown into the pile on an and was right there again as stopped Miami on 3rd down. As Carr popped up, Wilcox was right in his face low-fiving and butt-slapping.

This enthusiasm and passion is just what this . I'm rooting for the guy and have been ever since the tragic loss of his mother during the 2013 . I'm not sure what this defence (and that is not a typo, I'm English remember?) can do this year but I have a great feeling for J.J. Wilcox.

If you're at Wembley on November 9th and you see a blue #27 jersey, there's a good chance it might just be your new blogger, @DCBenMcKeith.

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