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Jalen Tolbert Should be the Next Successful Late Round Draft Pick for the Cowboys

The Cowboys have been very fortunate drafting players in the late rounds and getting high production out of them. , , , and are all on the current roster that found themselves drafted on day three.

Not selected early in the draft, those four guys have been pretty good so far.

Tolbert was drafted in the , as most already know, he was the Sun Belt in 2021. I like a lot. He dominated SEC during a matchup with Tennessee last year, finding his way to 143 yards and a score on seven catches.

There is a player I think Tolbert can be very similar to, and he went undrafted, and that is .

When you compare the two, Tolbert and Austin almost match up equally. Tolbert stands at 6'1, while Austin is 6'2. Honestly, they will play the same style of football. Austin's strength was making plays happen after the catch, which is something Tolbert was very good at while in college.

Since 2019, no other receiver in FBS had more catches of 15 or more yards than Tolbert. He was able to record 77 which was the most among FBS wideouts.

We will have to give this time to see if Tolbert could be the next Pro-Bowl caliber player to emerge from the later rounds in the draft. If he even has the type of career that Austin had I would call it a success. I am sure he has set the bar much higher for himself, but Austin was one of my favorite players to watch.

Tolbert will be called on early, as nobody is sure when will be back from . It would be a huge boost if Tolbert comes out and hits the ground running and puts the on notice. Dallas will need it.

Shane Taylor
Shane Taylor
Cowboys fan from the Midwest. Writing is fun, Staff writer for Inside The Star. Follow me on twitter @ShaneTaylor43

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Cowboys fan

You forgot to mention Gallup…. He’s still on the roster and he was drafted on the same day as Tolbert, when he was drafted!! But they were day 2 picks, not day 3!! They were both drafted in the 3rd round!! Gallup was drafted in the 3rd round, number 81 overall and Tolbert was drafted in the 3rd round, number 88 overall!! I’m not sure if you were trying to say that Tolbert was a day 3 pick or not…. It kinda sounded like it to me, that’s why I said something!!

Cowboys fan


Jeffrey Tuggle

Tolbert was not a late round pick


Yeah, I would have thought rounds 5-7 would be “late round.”

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