Jason Garrett Says Greg Hardy Is A “Free Agent”

A lot is made about how the Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Jason Garrett, likes the “right kind of guys.”

Coach Garrett is all about high character guys. He goes for role models. Captains. Leaders.

This is why it was particularly interesting when the Cowboys signed the troubled Greg Hardy a year ago to play for him. There was no denying Hardy’s past, but just as equally there was no denying his football talent. A decision was made and everyone had to adjust – the Head Coach included.

Cowboys Blog - Jason Garrett Says Greg Hardy Is A "Free Agent"

Greg Hardy made headlines throughout the season, and they were usually for the wrong reasons. He also made some plays on the field which is why guys like my fellow Staff Writer Sean Martin think that he should be retained.

“Retained.” Let’s talk about that word.

It’s relevant because Greg Hardy’s contract with the Dallas Cowboys is nearing its completion. That means that if he’s to be wearing a Star on his hat in 2016 the Cowboys will have to: decide they want him back, negotiate on terms, and execute the plan.

While it certainly makes a significant amount of football sense to bring Hardy back, one could argue that it doesn’t. I’m not that one, but our Jess Haynie is and he made such an argument right here.

Whatever camp you fall in, Team Hardy or Team Not, it ultimately doesn’t matter. Jason Garrett is the one, despite widespread belief by the uneducated, that calls the shots for the Dallas Cowboys. And he called his shot on Wednesday at the NFL Combine.

When asked about the status of Greg Hardy, Garrett responded with a short answer that said a whole lot.


It would seem that Coach Garrett has already made up his mind regarding the necessity for Greg Hardy’s services for the Dallas Cowboys. If I’m reading into it correctly then “The Kraken” needs to be ready for a new uniform in 2016.

What do you think of Jason Garrett’s comments regarding Greg Hardy? Speak your mind! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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What do you think?

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