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Jerome Henderson: Cowboys DB Coach To Interview With Browns

 Jerome Henderson is set to interview with the to be their next . Jerome Henderson was the coach for the Browns from 2009-2011 and had the same job title with the Jets, but has been with the Cowboys since 2012.

Henderson has never interviewed for a head position during his time in the NFL.

On Tuesday, the Browns hired former baseball executive, Paul DePodesta as their Chief Strategy Officer. The Browns just want something to work and why not go out on a limb and interview Henderson.

Jerome Henderson's interview is scheduled for Friday in Dallas.

Corey Clark
Corey Clark
Dallas Cowboy fan just like you, only difference is I get to write about them. I am an award winning radio broadcaster, who finished 3rd in my state. That gave me chances like: PxP Broadcaster for ESPN 3. PxP Broadcaster for ESPN Radio. I attend Indiana State University. #CowboysNation Follow me on Twitter @WZIS_CoreyClark

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