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Jerry Jones: Dictator to Genius

is usually heavily scrutinized by fans, media, and even other coaches and owners.  In my short fanhood of only 10 years, I have been that scrutinizing individual that blames all the failures and woes on Jerry Jones and his inability to share the authority of the team.

As we moved into 2009 I expected the Jerry Complex to become ever present and probably to see him the team himself in 2010.  However, Gasp, to my amazement, while I was writing my daily dose today, stumbling over articles from Philadelphia to San Diego, I noticed quite a bit about Mr. Jones.

I've been preaching sometime now about loyalty and continuity.  All these things I believe to be essential in building a dynasty style of frachise.  This past week Jerry Jones has been quoted as saying that firing would hurt the team.  Ding, Ding, Ding!!!! We have a winner, Jones has never been more accurate in his life.  You see, a coach's longevity increases win percentages because it allows teams to build to the philosophy of the coach.  Wade Phillips is a defensive coach, so for him to flourish he should have a good and a well balanced .  Second Gasp!  Do we have that?  Since Wade came in we've seen faces like , , and come bursting onto the scene.  We have seen players like and develop into great players, and we have seen our defense become GREAT, which only compliments our balanced offense.

You see winning isn't about great coaching, it's about trust, it's about knowing your guy will eventually win you the big one, and sticking with him while he can't.  That philosophy holds true with Jerry today, as he supports , in September as he supported (who has become on of the leagues best) and last year when he cut All Pro for little known .

You know what Jerry, my respect finally goes to you.  You have learned what it means to be an Owner and a good Gm.  May the players and coaches (including Wade Phillips) bring you back a Lombardi Trophy… In time of course.

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

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