Jerry Jones: Jason Garrett Isn’t Going Anywhere

It has been officially announced by Jerry Jones that Jason Garrett will remain the Dallas Cowboys head coach and that he does not plan on making any changes. 

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“Let me be real clear: There’s no thought of replacing Jason — at all,” Jones said. “I only say that to get ahead of anything that might be said about me addressing coaching.”

For all you fans out there that were wanting Garrett’s head, it isn’t going to happen this off-season. You cannot fully blame a head coach for going 4-12 on a season when he loses his best QB, CB, & WR. I say WR for the unavoidable truth that Dez just wasn’t right following that injury. You can’t forget, the Cowboys arguably lost their best defensive player in Orlando Scandrick during the off-season to a torn ACL/MCL.

Losing Tony Romo is the hardest thing this football team had to deal with and you could tell by the way this team played. Romo being injured brought in backups that essentially couldn’t get the job done and win ball games. Now yes, this is the coach’s fault to some extent and Jerry will agree. The coaches must find ways to win ball games no matter what and it just seemed to never happen.

Saying that, though, this is Jason Garrett’s first losing season as a head coach. If you remember correctly, Jason took over the head coaching job once Wade Phillips was relieved of his duties during the season. Garrett finished that season with a 5-3 record. Jason had three consecutive years of 8-8 records, but finally last season got to 12-4 and all because of a bad call, they missed the NFC Championship. Possibly the Super Bowl, but let’s not get into that.

Anyway, it honestly doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree because it is always the boss’s call and he shows that by repeating this comment over and over…

“I certainly have evaluated and looked at Jason’s situation, and not interested in any change, or thinking about any change there,” he repeated.

Jason Garrett is the Dallas Cowboys head coach and that is far from changing.

What do you think?


Written by Corey Clark

Dallas Cowboy fan just like you, only difference is I get to write about them. I am an award winning radio broadcaster, who finished 3rd in my state. That gave me chances like: PxP Broadcaster for ESPN 3. PxP Broadcaster for ESPN Radio. I attend Indiana State University. #CowboysNation Follow me on Twitter @WZIS_CoreyClark


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