When talks, we listen.

The Owner, President, and of the dropped some words that are hotter than Technotronic's “Move This (Shake That Body)” on Wednesday at the in Mobile, Alabama.

Mobile, AL isn't only the site of the Senior Bowl. Mobile will forever be remembered as the birthplace of the Hype Train. The North Dakota State Bison has skyrocketed in terms of perceived value, and the actual Senior Bowl hasn't even happened yet! Wentz is just one of the players on the North Squad that is being coached by and the Dallas Cowboys Staff.

Cowboys Blog - Jerry Jones on 2016 Draft: "There's No Have-To Here" At QB

After the North Squad finished practice on Wednesday, Jerry Jones spoke. What was the biggest takeaway, you ask? Only that the Dallas Cowboys do not feel like they must take a in this year's . Boom.

You can read an the sequence of everything that Jerry said over at NFL.com, but the gist of it in Mr. Jones' words is that:

“There's no have-to here, in my mind, because we have the luxury of having Romo here for 3, 4, 5 more years.”

While one can argue that the durability that we've seen lately from might not live up to that timeframe, Romo himself believes that he has plenty of time left in the NFL.

Anytime you're picking this high in the NFL Draft you have to consider all options – quarterback among them. It's something that is in the conversation, but once you come to your senses you turn the page and move onto the real options.

Romo is taking all of the right measures to ensure that he's healthy enough for the Cowboys moving forward. I've pounded the table, repeatedly, here at Inside as to why a quarterback would be a lateral step for this team. I've developed a fun hypothetical to illustrate the potential ramifications of taking one and just recently taken a fan poll showing that a majority of Cowboys fans agree.

As of Wednesday, January 27th 2016 it would appear that Jerry Jones feels the same.

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What are your thoughts on Jerry Jones's comments from Wednesday? Let me know! Comment below, Email me at Roel.Ochoa.Jr@Gmail.com, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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Mr. Bamboozaul

Romo will be the starting quarterback for the Cowboys until he 50 years old, as long as Jerry in charge.


It's getting harder and harder to continue to root for the Star. The only way the Cowboys make it to the Super Bowl, is that it's fixed. Jerry is determined to make sure that his beloved Romo gets that covenant 4th Super Bowl ring that Jerry is chasing. Jerry wants both Romo and Witten to get into the Hall of Fame. Jerry is so desperate to receive credit for taking the cheap, for having Romo drop in his lap per Sean Peyton and David Lee.

Jess Haynie

Jerry is absolutely right that there is no can't miss prospect among these QBs. His timetable for Romo's longevity is a little generous but I'm glad he's not feeling desperate. This is the wrong crop of rookie QBs to force anything with.

Zac Fields

Guys, Jerry's words are generally meaningless. He also said we wouldn't release Terrell Owens, right before we did. Weren't going to fire Wade Phillips, about two weeks before he fired Wade Phillips.

Keep in mind that Jerry Jones fell in love with the idea of drafting Johnny Manziel two drafts ago when Romo had six full seasons left on his contract. You could argue that Jerry just loved the idea of "Johnny Football" and that's it, but that argument gives Jerry less credit than he deserves. He's already tried the approach of waiting until your franchise quarterback retires to pursue a new one — he lived through that just like we did except he was a lot closer to it. There is no part of him that wants to go through that again.

That doesn't mean that he isn't being genuine in this particular case, but anybody who followed the Senior Bowl knows Jerry was clearly sizing up Carson Wentz (the only potential 1st round quarterback there). I think he's right to say you don't "have to" draft a quarterback, but there's no part of me that believes he isn't strongly considering it.