Jerry Jones On 2016 Draft: “There’s No Have-To Here” At QB

When Jerry Jones talks, we listen.

The Owner, President, and General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys dropped some words that are hotter than Technotronic’s “Move This (Shake That Body)” on Wednesday at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

Mobile, AL isn’t only the site of the Senior Bowl. Mobile will forever be remembered as the birthplace of the Carson Wentz Hype Train. The North Dakota State Bison has skyrocketed in terms of perceived value, and the actual Senior Bowl hasn’t even happened yet! Wentz is just one of the players on the North Squad that is being coached by Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys Staff.

Cowboys Blog - Jerry Jones on 2016 Draft: "There's No Have-To Here" At QB

After the North Squad finished practice on Wednesday, Jerry Jones spoke. What was the biggest takeaway, you ask? Only that the Dallas Cowboys do not feel like they must take a quarterback in this year’s NFL Draft. Boom.

You can read an the sequence of everything that Jerry said over at, but the gist of it in Mr. Jones’ words is that:

“There’s no have-to here, in my mind, because we have the luxury of having Romo here for 3, 4, 5 more years.”

While one can argue that the durability that we’ve seen lately from Tony Romo might not live up to that timeframe, Romo himself believes that he has plenty of time left in the NFL.

Anytime you’re picking this high in the NFL Draft you have to consider all options – quarterback among them. It’s something that is in the conversation, but once you come to your senses you turn the page and move onto the real options.

Romo is taking all of the right measures to ensure that he’s healthy enough for the Cowboys moving forward. I’ve pounded the table, repeatedly, here at Inside The Star as to why a quarterback would be a lateral step for this team. I’ve developed a fun hypothetical to illustrate the potential ramifications of taking one and just recently taken a fan poll showing that a majority of Cowboys fans agree.

As of Wednesday, January 27th 2016 it would appear that Jerry Jones feels the same.

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