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Jersey Numbers Announced For Dallas Cowboys Rookies

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting the announcement about what jersey numbers the rookie class will be wearing, we now know the answer.

Of course, the fans aren't the only ones who are curious about what number their favorite player will be wearing in the NFL. Several of the Cowboys rookies have expressed their interest via twitter since finally learning their NFL destination.

Well, Jaylon here is the answer to your question.

Player Jersey #

How do you like the jersey numbers that the Cowboys assigned their rookie class?

A couple of the new members of the Cowboys rookie class have been paying close attention and have expressed their stratification with their new numbers with the help of .

New Anthony Brown recently tweeted out…

Also, the former Kavon Frazier expressed his thoughts about his new .

Well, you may not have agreed with every draft pick the Cowboys made, but it's hard to argue with the organization's decision to assign certain numbers to these rookies.

I for one try really hard not to correlate these numbers with past players. I want these new rookies to come into the league and make their own individual impact with the Cowboys and hopefully a few of these jersey numbers will become part of the of the organization.


Dak Prescott has decided to switch from wearing the number 10 jersey and will now be wearing number 4 with the Cowboys.

So, which rookie's jersey will you be sporting in 2016?

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Brian Martin
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