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Jimmy Johnson: Zero or Hero?



Inside The Star Side Lines - Jimmy Johnson: Zero or Hero?

[su_spoiler title="Introducing Tar Heel Paul" open="yes" style="fancy" icon="arrow"]I'd like to thank the fine folks of for giving me the platform to express my unique views on all things Cowboys, football, media and fans. I'm going to cut to the chase - I'm an ass. I say what I think and don't give a damn if you or anybody else likes it. I call out everybody. The Cowboys, media (both Dallas and national) and yes, I call out some sorry ass fans too. My posts are true passion; straight from the heart. Unfiltered. So my job here is to rant, rant, and rant some more. So let's do this shall we?[/su_spoiler]

My first rant is going to piss a lot of Cowboys fans off. But I don't give a damn. And if you are a smart fan it shouldn't bother you anyway - it needs to be said. I am so sick and freaking tired of hearing Cowboys fans talk about how big of an idiot Jerry Jones is and how awesome Jimmy Johnson is, or was.

It's been more than 20 years since that egomaniac Jimmy Johnson "quit" and hauled ass on all of us. HE'S GONE. GET OVER IT. MOVE ON. But what really pisses me off about all of it is the jock-sniffing of Cowboys fans for Jimmy Johnson while acting like Jerry killed the Cowboys.

Now, I'm talking to ignorant Cowboys fans that still worship everything Jimmy and hate everything Jerry. The word ignorant is a harsh word, I know, but don't get your panties in a wad and cry about it. "MOM!!! THE BIG MEANIE BLOGGER CALLED ME IGNORANT!!!" But here's the simple definition of the word ignorant: Ignorance is a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). And tons of you are just that when it comes to the Jimmy vs. Jerry debate. Feel better now? No? Suck it up. The truth hurts a bit, doesn't it?

[su_service title="Post Update" size="16"]5:15pm on July 10th: In response to some critics of the post on the forums, I have updated the list below to more accurately reflect fact vs opinion, with supporting evidence where available. All links will open in a new tab/window.[/su_service]

So please, allow me to educate some of you:

  • Jimmy Johnson is an egomaniac that only cares about getting credit and looking good
  • Jimmy Johnson openly talked to the media about interest in coaching the new expansion team out of Jacksonville, the Jaguars, in the middle of a Super Bowl run in 1993
  • Jimmy Johnson had just signed a 10 year contract extension when he did this - Jimmy still had five years on his original 10 year contract (Source: Johnson Signs 10-year Contract)
  • He had complete and total control of all things football while at the same time bitching that Jerry was "meddling" (Source: Dale Hansen: Jimmy Johnson Talks Dallas Cowboys at about 1:23)
  • Jimmy had it in his calendar (straight from his mouth) that he was going to leave the Cowboys after 5 years anyway, even knowing he signed a 10 year contract as stated above (Support: Jimmy: Don't blame Jerry for mid-dynasty divorce)
  • Jimmy hauled ass while the getting was good. They were fresh out of the draft picks that they stole from the Vikings and free agency was about to pick his team apart
  • Knowing this, Jimmy forced Jerry's hand at the annual owners meeting to fire his arrogant ass after totally embarrassing him in front of all his colleagues for oh..........about the 500th time (Support: Barry Switzer: Blame Jimmy Johnson for his departure from the Dallas Cowboys, he cheated on Jerry Jones)

Having all that security, what could possibly set Jimmy off? Oh dear God, he saw Jerry on TV announcing that he (not Jimmy) made a trade for Tony Casillas. Well cry me a freaking river hair boy! If that doesn't describe insecurity issues then I don't know what does. And after all this crap goes down, he cries like a bitch when Jerry suggests that 500 coaches could coach that team to a Super Bowl. He then uses that as his way to abandon a shipping sink like the rat he is. He set all of this in motion himself. This isn't just my opinion either. This is spoken by long-time Dallas personnel like Gil Brandt and Larry Lacewell.

In the end, Jimmy came out looking squeaky clean while Jerry came off like the asshole that wanted all the power. This is not about what Jimmy did while he was our coach. That greatness can't be denied. But what also cannot be denied is that he was a lowlife attention whore that wiggled his way out of a tough situation and left Jerry footing the bill.

If I'm Jerry? I'm throat chopping his ass Wahoo McDaniel style. (Google Wahoo McDaniel, it's worth it)

That's all fact. Not opinion. And yet there are so many Cowboys fans to this day that still worship this man and claim he's one of the greatest and should be in the Hall of Fame. To this I do not say no - I say hell no. He went to the Dolphins without Jerry's checkbook, or the Vikings draft picks, and did nothing but lose his last playoff game 62-7 to the Jaguars. Ironic that the team he wanted to coach while in Dallas handed him his ass and ended his career in Miami. If one of those two ends up in the Hall of Fame you can bet your ass it's gonna be Jerry Jones and not Jimmy Johnson.

How many Super Bowls does Jimmy have without Jerry? ZERO. How many does Jerry have without Jimmy. ONE. And he did it with one of the 500 coaches that he talked about. That coach also just happened to be one of the dumbest people to walk an NFL sideline - Barry MFN Switzer!

So to all you Jimmy Johnson jock-sniffers, just sit back and stroll down memory lane and let the facts zoom right over your head. And if it makes you feel better, just keep telling yourselves that he's the greatest and the Cowboys would have won five more rings if not for Jerry's "meddling" ways. I'll stay here in reality knowing that Jimmy screwed the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, and all of us fans.

So to you Mr. Johnson, I say enjoy raking in whatever cash you can with your squeaky clean image. Keep doing commercials for other guys who don't measure up. But I know the truth. You can't bullshit a bullshitter, Jimmy. At least not this one. But sleep well knowing you have thousands of ignorant fans fooled to this day.

You can follow Paul Leatherman on Twitter @Tarheel_paul


Family, God, and the Freaking Dallas Cowboys. That's my life. Married to a wonderful wife that knows to let me be during football season and she can have me for the other 6 months of the year. Father of 3 wonderful kids. 1 son that is proudly serving his country in the United States Air Force. 1 son that is a toddler and will be the future left tackle of the Dallas Cowboys. And one amazing and beautiful daughter that passed away in 2009 at the age of 4 that I can guarantee is running through heaven shouting "GO COWBOYS"!!! Everything I do in life is for them.

  • DarthGrumpa

    All macking, all the time. Great job TP. Looking forward to more.

  • Tar Heel Paul

    DarthGrumpa Thanks Darth! Starting to wonder if I was too nice. I can’t have that.

  • Tar Heel Paul

    Don’t be afraid to comment bitches.

  • Kronos17

    Tar Heel Paul I was a good deal younger at the time, but I remember seeing JJ talk about the Jags and WTF. Anyway, sweet post dude.

  • Thomas Walker

    Paul, I am best friends with Blair who writes for this blog and I appreciate your work, it seems like you have a lot of fun with your writing. it reminds me of the time Blair and I were watching the cowboys superbowl vs the steelers and our guys only party. But great site here and makes sense to have a site like this since most cowboy fans are gay and this site makes it easy for us to meet other gay cowboy fans in other places than the men’s bathrooms at the stadium. I can barely walk leaving cowboys game. Overall though great stuff and I hope to keep reading your posts.

  • Tar Heel Paul

    @Thomas Walker Thanks Thomas. Sorry about that time in the bathroom. Next time I’ll take it easy on you so maybe you can at least walk to your car. I’ve heard if you grab the hand bar in the stall it goes a lot smoother. Just what I’ve heard though. Can’t prove it. And yes. I have fun with anything I write. People get tired of the same old x’s and o’s crap. Just good old fashion bitching.

  • Tar Heel Paul

    Bryson Treece Tar Heel Paul Yeah no doubt. I have never understood how he kept clean in all of this. And thanks.

  • Bryson Treece

    Tar Heel Paul Bryson Treece Maybe the hair has some aerodynamic flying shit avoidance properties. Either way, can’t stand seeing that dude on the pregame show spouting off the same generic analysis every game. Barely even commits to his own winner predictions.

  • havmer

    Goatmouth should be coming along with all this gay talk

  • havmer

    oh how hate for jerry runs deep as I see others from other sites react to this post

  • Tar Heel Paul

    The people on the other site commenting on it are the exact ignorant fans I’m talking about. Did they even read the article. This has nothing to do with Jerrys failures as a GM or Jimmy’s success as HC. The man was fantastic. The article is about how he left and laying all the blame at Jerry’s feet. It’s BS

  • Chuck G

    Tar Heel Paul I’m a Jerry apologist dude. I’ll be in his corner till the day I die. And you’re right. Jimmy was leaving no matter what. Can’t blame that on Jerry. But while you’re screaming at everyone else to “get over it”. You need to take a little of your own advice. That was 20 years ago dude. WHO CARES WHY JIMMY LEFT. The issue is Jerry and his failure as a GM to get this team past the first round of the playoffs. Jimmy v. Jerry is irrelevant. You bringing it up “Just to piss off Cowboys fans” tells me you don’t have a relevant opinion about the current Dallas Cowboys. Your next “rant” should be about something timely.

  • Tar Heel Paul

    @Chuck G Tar Heel Paul My next rant will be about whatever is on my heart no matter how timely it is. So I’ll decide what to post on. I have personally gotten over it, But the problem is other people haven’t. There’s a 4 page post on another blog about this article to prove it. Not to mention the fact that I hear it almost every day from people. So for me it is timely. 

    And I didn’t bring it up just to piss people off. I did it to get it off my chest and “rant’ about it. Believe me when I tell you I have a relevant opinion about the current Cowboys. And that will come out in other post. 

    But I’ll tell you right now. My job as a poster here is not to post about position battles, x’s & o’s, or anything technical. My job here is literally to rant about stuff and try and get conversation going which in turn will hopefully lead traffic to this website. Literally they brought me on to be unfiltered and passionate. Whatever is own my mind. It’s the off season. It’s boring. Maybe it’s not your style. I’m cool with that. Objective criticism is always accepted. I do really appreciate your feed back and taking the time to read it.

  • BlackSuave

    I’m not upset with the article. I knew the story about Jimmy getting himself fired, him leaving a month before his ‘planned’ departure. All that carrying on he (Jimmy) did then is costing him now. The HoF voters aren’t impressed with a coach who quit in the midst of a possible 3-peat. You win three Super Bowls in a row as a coach, particularly for a premier franchise, and you’re a LOCK for the Hall. He’d have to kill 100 babies not the get in otherwise.

    This doesn’t let Jerry off the hook, either. It’s been 20 years since all that nonsense. You can call it Jerry 3, Jimmy 2 all you want. We all know Jimmy’s TEAM won the 3rd one, so cut all that foolishness with that. Since then, Jerry can’t even get lucky. He can’t even hit on the law of averages and make it to a title game. In the last 18 years, every NFC team has gone to at least one…except 3 teams. Dallas is one of those 3. Get a mental image of this. It takes 2 teams to play in a conference title game. That means a team has a 1:8 chance to get there, multiplied over the course of 18 years. He’s batting .000. In short, that’s TERRIBLE. 

    Still has a job, though. That in itself is amazing.

  • Tar Heel Paul

    BlackSuave Nope. It definitely does not let Jerry off the hook. He shoulders the blame as well. And the fact that we are in the drought that we are has to pretty much fall at the feet of Jerry. The buck stops there. He’s the one constant.

  • N504JB

    For those keeping score at home:

    Johnson also entered the 1990 draft looking for a defensive game changer–and he might have had one had he not thrown the overall first pick away by drafting Steve Walsh in the supplemental draft the year before. Why? He wasn’t sold on Aikman and Walsh had been his Q.B. whenMiami won a national championship.

    So what happens, he’s stuck with the 17th overall and he’s trying like hell to trade with the Bengals who have the 12th pick to snag a d.b.–James Francis–but the Bengals won’t budge and with the Cowboys on the clock, running back coach Joe Brodsky is begging him to take Emmitt Smith. (This was written up in Sports Illustrated.)

    But it gets better–or worse depending on your views of Jimmy Genius”. It is also a matter of record that in 1989 he wanted to trade Michael Irvin but Al Davis said, “Jimmy who are you going to throw the ball to?”

    So, had Johnson had his way, there wouldn’t have been any “Triplets”.

    Is there any other circumstantial evidence to suggest Johnson is vastly overrated?


    After pulling off a shameful Machiavellian coup to get Don Shula’s job with the Dolphins–who Johnson said were a Super Bowl caliber team. Under Johnson, the Dolphins never won the AFC East but did manage to participate in five post-season games, the last recorded as “The Day the Miami Dophins Died”, after the Dolphins took its worst beating in the HISTORY of the playoffs, losing to the Jags, 62-7. 

    Post-season record: 2-3; winning percentage, 55.3%.

    At the end of the day, not only did Johnson fail in Miami, in the 13 years since he took the reigns of “a super-bowl caliber team–Miami has been to the playoffs three times, played in four games, and gone 1-3. Since Johnson ran Shula out of town 18 years ago, the Dolphins are 3-7 in the playoffs.

    When the legend is more interesting than the facts, print the legend: and the Legend of Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys is a far more interesting chapter in a book that ended with a loss of epic and historical proportions.

    • John

      I have a copy of the 1989 draft. I think that Andrea Kremer said that the Patriots wanted to trade up to the #1 slot, and they would give Dallas three high draft picks (and maybe even a player, but I’m not sure). I wonder if Jimmy wanted to, but Jerry told him no.

  • Tar Heel Paul

    N504JB All excellent points and stuff I was going to include in this article but I was trying to make it more about how he left than what he did while he was here. But you are 100% spot on with the things you brought up.

  • Athens Texas born

    You are on it here THP. A day does not go by without some hawks fan or other johnny come lately referencing the jimmy jerry thing to throw in my face. Relevant? Work in an office filled with people so clueless they dont grasp how 1 superbowl after 38 years of trying is not somehow magically superior to 20 years of drought.
    I will say give jerruh some credit. He has made some good choices. He could have decided not to buy the team. You will hear some people say it would have been better for us. The devil you know….

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Free Agent CB Orlando Scandrick Joining Washington Redskins

Jess Haynie



Orlando Scandrick

Just two days after being released by the Dallas Cowboys, cornerback Orlando Scandrick has found a new home in the nation's capitol. After 10 seasons in Dallas, Scandrick is signing with the rival Washington Redskins.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

Redskins and Orlando Scandrick have agreed to a 2-year deal worth a max value of $10M, source said. From Dallas to a rival.

By joining Washington after leaving Dallas, Scandrick follows in the footsteps of many ex-Cowboys: Terrell McClain, Jason Hatcher, Stephen Bowen, and even Deion Sanders to name a few.

Last week, Orlando reportedly requested his release from Dallas. It was widely expected that he would be a salary cap casualty anyway, though, and especially with the young stockpile of cornerbacks the Cowboys currently have.

Dallas has three young corners they believe in with Chidobe Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis, and Anthony Brown. There is also talk that Byron Jones could be moving back to CB next year.

Scandrick, 31, will get to stay in the NFC East and now cover some of his former teammates. Give the reportedly salary, he should at least be the slot corner for Washington next year if not a starter.

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Upgrading the Offensive Line Cowboys Top Offseason Priority?

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Upgrading Offensive Line Cowboys Top Offseason Priority?

Despite the displeasure by the majority of fans, the Dallas Cowboys continue to hold things close to the vest with their approach to free agency. It's definitely not the most popular approach and tends to drive fans crazy, but things could start heating up now that the free-agent market is starting to settle.

Looking from the outside in, we can only speculate as to which positions the Dallas Cowboys may prioritize in free agency and in the draft that matter. Earl Thomas and the safety position has been the most popular topic of discussion throughout the free agency process, but it looks as if the Cowboys are narrowing their focus on upgrading and adding depth to their offensive line.

Marcus Martin

Free-agent C/OG Marcus Martin

This is just speculation of course, but it's based on the fact that the Cowboys are rumored to be bringing in free-agent offensive lineman Marcus Martin and Cameron Fleming. And on top of that, it was announced that two of the Dallas Cowboys 30 pre-draft visitors are also offensive lineman, Will Hernandez, who is popular among Cowboys fans already, and offensive tackle Kolton Miller.

I don't know about you, but it looks as if the Dallas Cowboys are certainly focused in on upgrading the offensive line. This absolutely makes sense after what they went through last season with the carousel at the left guard position and Tyron Smith's struggles to stay healthy.

More than anything, the Cowboys need OL depth heading into the 2018 season. There is only really one spot up for grabs at left guard, but the depth across the OL is absolutely depleted unless you want to rely on Chaz Green again.

This is where Marcus Martin and Cameron Fleming make a lot of sense. Marcus Martin has the versatility to play center and guard, and has done so already in his NFL career. He could compete for the starting LG position, but if nothing else, could replace Joe Looney as the backup C/OG.

Cameron Fleming could be the more important of the two free agents the Cowboys are rumored to be interested in. At the worst, Fleming would be an upgrade as the swing tackle, something he's done with the New England Patriots throughout his career. But, he could compete to become the starting right tackle, which would kick La'el Collins back inside to left guard.

That's all speculation right now, but the Dallas Cowboys would do what's best for the entire team in order to get the right starting five offensive lineman on the field.

Kolton Miller

Cowboys Rookie prospect OT Kolton Miller

The same can be said about rookies Will Hernandez and Kolton Miller. Hernandez would likely be a plug-and-play left guard if he ended up being the Dallas Cowboys first-round draft pick. That would keep the offensive line from shuffling and hopefully solidify the unit for years to come.

Kolton Miller on the other hand would be a lot like the Cameron Fleming situation mentioned above. He can probably tackle on the left or right side the NFL, although some draft analysts believe he will struggle as a LT at the next level.

Of course, there is no way of knowing how much interest the Dallas Cowboys have any of these players right now. But to me, it looks as if upgrading the offensive line is certainly one of their top priorities this offseason.

Is upgrading the OL the Dallas Cowboys top offseason priority?

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Cowboys Free Agency: The Thin Line Between Frustration and Comprehension

Mauricio Rodriguez



Cowboys Free Agency: The Thin Line Between Frustration and Comprehension

For die-hard NFL fans, the free agency period is as fun as any other week in the regular season. It's always a fun experience knowing what team is interested in which player and who's visiting who. Heck, there are websites with "free agents trackers" for people who don't want to miss a single thing.

Seeing the huge contracts some players get and discussing whether it's well-deserved money or an overpaid salary provides football fans all around the league with fun football conversations in the middle of March.

This is a period in which, despite not being on the field, every NFL team is doing the same thing. Trying to get better. Which is exactly why most Dallas Cowboys fans are frustrated with how things have gone for their favorite team in this 2018 NFL offseason.

Right now, less than a week after the free agency period officially began, they're the only team left in the NFL that hasn't signed a single free agent.

Surprising? Not at all.

Whether we like it or not, we know how this team likes to operate. A quiet free agency isn't out of the ordinary for the Cowboys. For many years, the NFL Draft has been the priority for them, and they've done a good job at it.

At the end of the day, waiting for the first wave of free agents to pass is smart unless you're looking for a QB or have a huge amount of cap space. When you look at what players are getting, you realize most of them are overpaid. Sammy Watkins got a $48M three-year deal, when he hasn't really proved to be worth it.

I don't think Cowboys Nation would've liked to see the Jones family bring Watkins for that kind of money. Personally, I don't mind the Cowboys' front office letting those first expensive signings occur without them participating in them.

I mean, they've already made a splash, when you think about it. DeMarcus Lawrence was the biggest non-QB free agent of the year and they managed to keep him for at least next season. It's not exactly a free agent signing, but they are paying one of the NFL's best pass rushers more than $17M to wear the Star one more year.

Cowboys Free Agency: The Thin Line Between Frustration and Comprehension 1

Former Arizona Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu

Yes, the Cowboys' team-building philosophy is comprehensible. But when do fans like you and me stop understanding their offseason approach and get bothered by it? To me, that frustration came in the form of Tyrann Mathieu signing with the other NFL team in Texas.

If the Honey Badger had signed a super expensive contract, I'd be fine with the Cowboys passing on him. But Houston was able to get him for just seven million dollars on a one-year prove-it deal.

Mathieu is one of the best defensive talents in the league and will be just 26 years old when next season begins. Why didn't the Cowboys tried to land him, if safety is a position of need? I mean, we've been talking about a potential trade for Earl Thomas all year!

Were they hesitant just because the Honey Badger isn't your traditional safety? Are they so conservative that their reason to not go after him was he wasn't a scheme fit? When you're talking about a talent like his, I think you make things work to see him thrive along young and promising cornerbacks like Jourdan Lewis and Chidobe Awuzie.

The Cowboys can still look at Tier-2 free agents such as TE Eric Ebron or S Kenny Vaccaro over the following days. It could end up working for them, or it could end up just like Nolan Carroll's horrendous game versus the Broncos in week 2 of the 2017 NFL season and his $2M in dead money for this year.

When it comes to the Cowboys' approach to free agency, there's a very thin line between comprehension and frustration. Maybe, just maybe, they make us understand next season when we see results on the field.

For now though, it's tough to stay in the "comprehending" side of things.

Tell me what you think about "Cowboys Free Agency: The Thin Line Between Frustration and Comprehension" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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