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Dallas Cowboys

Job Security: Post Draft Speculation

With the draft over and undrafted rookie signings trickling in, job security may be looking, well, less secure for some Dallas Cowboys. Of course, as I’ve said in previous articles, when it comes to football, nothing is given – everything is earned. The new guys, for the most part, will have to earn their starting spots and work hard to keep them. Still, there are Cowboys on the roster that could be bumped to the practice squad or other teams. Quarterback Fingers crossed that Tony Romo is healthy for all of the 2016 season.



Cowboys Headlines - Job Security: A Post Draft Speculation 5

With the draft over and undrafted rookie signings trickling in, job security may be looking, well, less secure for some Dallas Cowboys.

Of course, as I’ve said in previous articles, when it comes to football, nothing is given - everything is earned. The new guys, for the most part, will have to earn their starting spots and work hard to keep them.

Still, there are Cowboys on the roster that could be bumped to the practice squad or other teams.


Cowboys Headlines - Job Security: A Post Draft SpeculationFingers crossed that Tony Romo is healthy for all of the 2016 season. If he goes down, behind him is Kellen Moore, then Dak Prescott, then maybe Jameill Showers.

Kellen Moore doesn't have the size or arm strength, but based on the few games he started when Romo was hurt, it’s fair to say that he is a competent backup quarterback. He may even turn out to be QB2, but I think the Cowboys want to see what they have in their rookie QB, before they commit either way.

We’re all hoping Prescott can be the QB of the future or that he at least turns out better than Stephen McGee.

Showers showed promise but not enough, in my opinion, to keep him on the sidelines over Dak Pescott. Prescott could inherit the team some day so the Cowboys will want to have their newest QB watching and learning on gameday.

Showers could find himself on the practice squad or possibly another team.

Running Back

Cowboys Headlines - Job Security: A Post Draft Speculation 1With the fourth overall pick the Cowboys selected Ezekiel Elliott. I know. It’s awesome.

Elliott will likely be the starter against the Giants in week one. Behind him will probably be Alfred Morris, the Cowboys’ biggest Free Agency signing. Morris takes some of the load off of Elliott, so the Cowboys can punish defenses with a fresh set of legs and lungs on every down.

In the seventh round, the Cowboys took another running back, Eastern Michigan's Darius Jackson. If Jackson beats out Rod Smith, then he will likely stand in for Lance Dunbar who will start the season on the PUP list after tearing his ACL. If he comes back, Dunbar will likely take Jackson's spot on the final roster.

Unfortunately, there are only so many snaps to go around and with Elliott and Morris presumably getting most of them, that leaves very few for Darren McFadden. I am a big fan of Run DMC, but with Ezekiel Elliott joining the group, McFadden is probably the guy that goes. And goes quickly.

Unless he can learn to play special teams, I’d be surprised if he is still on the team by Week One.

Wide Receiver

Cowboys Headlines - Job Security: A Post Draft Speculation 2While the Cowboys didn’t spend a draft pick on a wide receiver, they did sign three rookies as undrafted free agents. Chris Brown, from Notre Dame, Ed Eagan from Northwestern (LA) State, and Andy Jones from Jacksonville. One of these guys will probably take Devin Street’s spot.

Street looks lost on his route running, he is a poor blocker and his hands are suspect. Tony Romo on his best day couldn’t make him look good.

I think the Cowboys are ready to move on from Street and were going to let him go, regardless of any wide receivers they picked up.

What an awesome story it would be for one of the undrafted rookies to catch the winning pass, too.


Cowboys Headlines - Job Security: A Post Draft Speculation 3The only untouchable cornerback on the Cowboys would be Orlando Scandrick. He’s not going anywhere. The Cowboys hope he can return to full strength after his knee injury, because Scandrick is arguably the best slot cornerback they have.

Brandon Carr just took a pay cut which could keep him on the roster for another year. Many thought he would be shown the door before the season started, but the pay cut could ease some criticism that this veteran’s been subjected to. Carr isn't a spectacular cornerback, but he does a solid job. He is a good number 2 or 3 cornerback.

Since being drafted, Morris Claiborne has been a disappointment, but 2015 was his best year to date. If his recent success in 2015 proves to be a trend and not a fluke, he could sign another deal to stay with the Cowboys for another year or two.

The Cowboys drafted Anthony Brown in the sixth round and while I have high hopes for Brown, I am not sure he can trump Brandon Carr or Morris Claiborne.

He could very well beat Deji Olatoye or Terrance Mitchell for a spot. Dallas has already cut Mitchell once before in his rookie season.


Cowboys Headlines - Job Security: A Post Draft Speculation 4

Byron Jones spent time at cornerback and safety in his rookie year, but he should be a full-time safety in 2016. This could be a break-out season for him.

After Jones, Jeff Heath is the only other safety who I’m confident has secured a spot on the roster. Barry Church and J.J Wilcox are both underwhelming. Church isn't exactly a game-changing safety, and J.J. Wilcox takes poor angles failing to make much needed tackles.

Drafting Kavon Frazier gives the secondary a much needed boost. Kavon Frazier won't replace Wilcox this year, but he may have every opportunity to do so next year.

Wilcox is the most likely player of this group to get cut, and probably sooner than later.

Of course, there is a lot that goes into who the Cowboys keep or cut so it may be too early to tell. These five positions have been somewhat of a revolving door for the Cowboys in recent years. Hopefully the new rookie additions can make an impact at their positions.

I was born and raised in New York state's Hudson Valley and now attend school in New Jersey. Although I live in Montclair, my heart will always have a soft spot for Dallas, Texas. As an intern for Inside the Star, I now have a legitimate reason for the Cowboys to consume my life. Before, I was just a Cowboy fan with no life ... and very concerned parents. When I'm not writing about the Cowboys, I enjoy reading, seeing plays, creative writing, watching TV, and making my friends and family laugh. Follow me on Twitter, so we can connect on all topics related to America's Team. How 'bout em!

  • George Johnson

    Good assessment at QB. I agree with most of what you said. However, Dallas may not suit up D Prescott for game day. They will surely protect him by putting him on the 53 man squad which leaves Showers on the practice squad as you said. Prescott needs to be a sponge and learn everything he can from Romo, Moore, Linehan, Garrett, Showers and the QB coach. At this point I am not sure about his judgment bases on his DUI and some comments he made concerning his role and learning, after being drafted in the fourth round by Dallas

    • Dante Giannetta

      I thought the DUI was enough to keep him from being drafted at all. Hopefully that's behind him now. So, are you saying he should sit at QB3 and learn, through osmosis, from Romo and Moore's successes/mistakes? And, in the event Romo goes down, you think the Cowboys send in Moore? Maybe they do, but I think any opportunity is a good opportunity for Dak, especially to learn. If 9 is hurt I personally want Dak to see some playing time and get regular season experience, even for a little bit – but that could just be the excited fan in me talking!

      • George Johnson

        This is my understanding how it will likely work. K Moore and D Prescott will likely compete from day one for the 2nd team QB position. D Prescott will get some of the 2nd team QB reps during preseason until K Moore definitively beats him out or Prescott demonstrates he is not ready for the 2nd team backup position. If it is a fairly close competition, then D Prescott could obtain the 2nd team QB position with K Moore being 3rd team. This would be for the reasons you implied, to give Prescott more reps and experience and to give him season game experience if T Romo was to go down. I thought they should have brought in a veteran at QB to compete with K Moore. Since they drafted a QB I doubt they will do that now because this could risk K Moore's job and I don't think they are ready to cut K Moore until they have seen more from him. I think at this point they have a lot of confidence in him and want to see how well he can play without having the prototypical size and arm strength. He has already proven he should have been drafted and is pretty darn good at using his outstanding pocket passing skills/abilities to overcome or compensate for his physical limitations.

        • Dante Giannetta

          They'll certainly want to see what they have in both Prescott and Moore. I don't think they're sold on Moore – probably why they drafted Prescott. If nothing else, they'll serve as competition for each other. I'll be rooting for both.

  • Randy Martin

    I believe that the injury to Dunbar is worst than thought and he has been pretty fragile all along. I think also for the few touches he gets and few plays he is in on I believe both Dunbar and Clutts are going to be out and we will keep Zeke, DMC, AlMo, and Darius Jackson (D-Jack) as our 4 backs. Hannah can play H-Back and do the blocking Clutts would do.

    • Jess Haynie

      I wouldn't be so sure on Dunbar. They didn't have to re-sign him so clearly they think he'll be able to contribute. I also don't expect they will have Jackson on the roster unless one of McFadden or Morris is getting cut. What's more, it may be Rod Smith who gets that young guy slot over Jackson. I agree with your idea of Hanna playing the fullback spot over keeping Clutts or adding another true FB to replace him. I think that's the way they will go.

Player News

Free Agent WR Allen Hurns Plans to Sign With Cowboys

Brian Martin



Free Agent WR Allen Hurns Plans to Sign With Cowboys

It looks as if the Dallas Cowboys will be adding yet another wide receiver through free agency. According to sources, Allen Hurns plans on signing with the Cowboys.

Josina Anderson on Twitter

WR Allen Hurns just told me, "I'm going to sign with Dallas." #Cowboys

This is a move that seemed unlikely after the Cowboys signed Deonte Thompson a few days ago, but I know a lot of Cowboys Nation will be excited about this transaction.

Allen Hurns joins a receiver group that features Dez Bryant, Cole Beasley, Terrance Williams, Ryan Switzer, Noah Brown, and the recently added Deonte Thompson.

While this move is exciting, it does create more confusion for the Cowboys and their wide receivers. It's difficult to imagine all of these WRs sticking to the roster, which means there will be some tough decisions that need to be made.

What will the Cowboys do with Dez Bryant?

Will Cole Beasley be cut or traded?

Are the Cowboys comfortable absorbing Terrance Williams' cap hit if traded or released?

Will this keep the Cowboys from drafting a WR early?

All of these questions and more will have to be answered eventually. But, one thing is for sure, things are definitely about to get interesting.

Of course, there is a bonus here for the Dallas Cowboys. Since Allen Hurns was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars, he doesn't count against the Cowboys compensatory picks next season.

Please stay tuned and we will continue to keep you updated on contract details and any other news involving Allen Hurns as it becomes available.

What do you think about the Allen Hurns signing?

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Dallas Cowboys

What Signing Thompson Means for Hurns and Cowboys WR Position

Mauricio Rodriguez



Questions Surround Cowboys WR Position After Deonte Thompson Signing

UPDATE: News of Hurns saying he will sign with the Cowboys broke as this article went live. 

Free Agency began a bit late for the Dallas Cowboys, but they've already done enough to get fans discussing about the latest additions to the roster. Adding help on offense, defense and special teams in form of tier-2 free agents may not be what Cowboys Nation wants to see, but I'm certain they wouldn't have enjoyed giving Sammy Watkins a three-year $48M contract, either.

However, the Cowboys are clearly in the wide receiver market after an offensively disappointing season. They have quite a few of this year's class of wide receivers prospects scheduled to visit Dallas, and they've hosted some WR free agents as well.

This week, they even signed one.

Deonte Thompson, who started seven games for the Bills last year, is coming to Dallas on a one-year $2.5M contract. The 29-year old could be the burner receiver this offense is missing and could end up being an improved version of Brice Butler for the Cowboys in 2018.

He hasn't had a great career but last season was his best year so far. Starting three games for the Bears and seven for the Bills, Thompson was able to rack up a career-high 555 yards and two touchdowns.

His best attribute as a player is definitely the speed he brings to the table and his ability to separate down the field, which he'll be looking to do on Dak Prescott's offense this season.

But there was another wide receiver visiting Dallas this week and now we wonder whether or not the Deonte Thompson signing will keep the Cowboys from targeting former Jaguars' WR Allen Hurns.

According to Todd Archer, that won't be the case.

Todd Archer on Twitter

Told the signing of Deonte Thompson does not close the door on the Cowboys' interest in Allen Hurns, who visited the team Wednesday and had dinner. Things could get interesting in the Cowboys' wide receivers' room.

It shouldn't be. First of all, Hurns is a much better player than Thompson and would provide this offense with a receiver who can play in the "X" or in the "Z" role. We've been talking about getting Prescott a reliable target to try to give him a "best friend." Allen Hurns could be just that.

Sure, he's had a couple of down seasons, but the talent is there to take.

Simply put, the Deonte Thompson signing shouldn't stop the Cowboys from looking at WR in the first round of the NFL Draft. Allen Hurns would.

Cowboys en Español: Nuevas Contrataciones, ¿Podría Ser Allen Hurns la Siguiente?

It sure would make things interesting in the wide receiver room for Dallas. Despite what many believe, Dez Bryant will probably remain a Cowboy even if Hurns is signed. Let's say the Cowboys go out there and get the 26-year old from Jacksonville and have to decide which six receivers to keep for the season.

They'd possibly have to decide among these:

  • Dez Bryant
  • Terrrance Williams
  • Cole Beasley
  • Ryan Switzer
  • Allen Hurns
  • Deonte Thompson
  • Noah Brown
  • A drafted rookie?  

This is where a lot of dilemmas start taking form. Cole Beasley and Ryan Switzer are basically the same player and if you're not going to use them both at the same time, do you keep them anyway? What about Terrance Williams? He could be the worst receiver to make the cut just because of his contract. 

Noah Brown showed promise in 2017, are they ready to move on from him? And finally, a rookie could very well end up beating Deonte Thompson, who was guaranteed a million in his contract.

Wide receiver is indeed one of the top needs for the Dallas Cowboys. They could head to the 2018 NFL Draft needing one in the top rounds or they could be fine signing Hurns and taking a late-rounder receiver to compete in training camp for a spot on the roster.

As long as they're having a tough time deciding because they are all good, it should be fine.

Tell me what you think about "What Signing Thompson Means for Hurns and Cowboys WR Position" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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Player News

Cowboys Sign Free Agent WR Deonte Thompson

Jess Haynie



Deonte Thompson

The Dallas Cowboys added some speed to their receiver corps today by signing free agent Deonte Thompson. He played for both the Chicago Bears and Buffalo Bills last season.

Thompson, who turned 29 last month, went undrafted in 2012. He had a quiet to start to his career as a reserve and practice squad guy in Baltimore and Chicago, but finally got a chance to shine with seven starts last year for the Bills. He 27 catches for 430 yards and one touchdown in just 11 games.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

The #Cowboys signed WR Deonte Thompson, per agent @davidcanter. He gets 1-year, $2.5M with a $1M signing bonus.

Deonte brings some much-needed speed to the Cowboys offense. He ran a 4.31 40-yard dash as a rookie, and while he's 29 now he still poses more of a vertical threat than the current Dallas receivers.

Given the low salary in this deal, Thompson may not be seen as much than a replacement for Brice Butler near the bottom of Dallas' depth chart. We also have to wait and see what happens with the draft and other moves this offseason to know where he fits into the bigger picture.

For now, though, Cowboys fans can take a little comfort in knowing the front office hasn't completely fallen asleep at the wheel.

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