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John Phillips Emerges For Dallas Cowboys

At the beginning of the season the were excited about the dangerous playmaking ability of . His size and athleticism is hard to match and he has the ability to make big play catches.

As the season progressed, Bennett simply hasn't produced. And since returning from a concussion sustained against the in week 13, he still isn't producing.

His hands seem inconsistent, his routes aren't crisp, and sometimes he looks outright confused on the field. All the while, he still finds time to Twitter about how awesome he is, updating his status constantly. Perhaps he should be using that time to get his game down.

Before he knows it his job could be gone.

That's right, I smell demotion in Bennett's future. Why, you ask? It's simple really. The Cowboys have made successes out of plenty of blue collared tight ends who let their play do the talking and it seems like they found another one.

has been a compliment to the in many aspects.

He truly seems to be the whole package. His blocking is superb, in my , and his ability to catch the ball is above average.

John Phillips is a rookie from Virginia, where he posted 69 receptions for 670 yards and 5 touchdowns in his collegiate career. He's panning out to be a steal since being drafted in the of the 2009 draft. Though I believe Martellus is more athletic and has more potential, it's Phillips who has been the most consistent.

On seven targets Phillips has seven catches.

I try not to let numbers persuade me though. I try to give the coaches credit for knowing what decisions need to be made. However, it's hard to deny the similarities between Witten and young John Phillips. I believe that Martellus is a good player but I'm not sure he's the fit we're looking for.

He might be great -bait and I think he could be someone to keep an eye on through the and .

Bo Martin
Bo Martin
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