Jones Endorses Wade, but what if?…

It might be something the Cowboys needed, or it might’ve just been some assurance. Nonetheless, on this , thought it necessary to display his trust and confidence in Coach .

“Under No Circumstances would I make a change, We’ve got a chance to get a lot of things done and we’ve got a lot of football left to play, and we’ve got some people that can not only play it but can coach it” Jones said on 105.3 the fan.

Jones then proceeded to talk about the similarities between Wade now and a few years ago. In a lot of ways Jones did the right thing by endorsing Wade Phillips again, which should shut down any speculation about a mid-season change. However, I can’t help but wonder… What about next season?

Now I’m not saying that Wade isn’t the right guy. I actually like what he does, and if you know anything about me, I’m an optimist by all accounts. It’s just tantalizing-trying to predict what happens next season, that is. If Wade doesn’t make it to the and win a game this season, you can probably expect something to happen. So the million dollar question would be… Who?

- The old Denver Bronco’s lead man, was recently fired. He has been linked to the Cowboys before, and this could be again. He has been known for fierce production of running backs, and could truly help our scheming. He has a record of 146-98 with 2 Superbowl Championships, that’s not too shabby.

- Bill “The Chin” Cowher, is a hard nose coach who left the . His reputation is incredible, known for being a hard coach, whose produced good offenses and even better defenses, his style of coaching would turn the Cowboys upside down. With the hardcore manner of doing things, he would instill discipline and accept nothing less then perfection, He could be a perfect fit here in Dallas. His career record is 149-90 and 1 NFL Championship.

- Jon Gruden once worked for Al Davis, need I say more? He has a no bull crap attitude, and demands a lot from his team. He can be a great guy, or a tough guy, it depends on what you make him. His is unmatched, and he is also known as a defensive coach. He could come in and fit great with the Cowboys Organization. His Career record is 176-95.

Todd Bowles- A former Dallas Cowboys Coach, Todd has been breed by . A lot of experts expect him to make a transition this season to , and Jerry will at least keep his eyes on him.

Mike Holmgren– Known as a machine, Holmgren has turned teams into winners consistently. He was the lead man for Green bay and Seattle turning them both into consistent contenders. His philosophy holds more towards the offense, helping the evolution of quarterbacks such as Steve Young, Brett Farve, and Matt Hasselbeck. If Holmgren comes back, expect the Cowboys to take a hard look at him, he could provide the Cowboys with the solid head coach we’ve lacked. Career Record- 161-111.

These are some of the available coaches that should catch your eye and make you excited about the possibility of a . I like Wade a coach though, but predict that if the Cowboys can’t make something big happen he’ll be gone. Especially since after 2010 these coaches could find employment elsewhere, and leave Jerry looking into unsure territories. My prediction? If Wade can turn things around he might find himself being claimed on the teams 4th year option. If he doesn’t, expect Gruden, Holmgren, and Shanahan to enter in the mix if their available


Written by Bo Martin

Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!

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Joe C

I like Chucky, but I don’t want him as a coach. I like/hate Cowher (obviously), Shanahan has potential. I could careless for any of them honestly, but if Wade is out next season I would really like either Shanahan or Cowher to come in, but I dunno, I hope Wade pulls it through and sticks around, he knows D, we just need a new O Coord, if anyone needs the boot mid-season/end of season it’s Garrett.

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