While probably not intentional, the connection is one that cannot be ignored.

While the Coaching Staff has yet to decide whether Joseph Randle or Darren McFadden will be the starting Running Back, both have a desire to fill that role. Yesterday, I detailed that their competition will more than likely lead to them splitting carries, the question still remains on who will have the first opportunity.

Randle made headlines with his now famous, “There Was A lot Of Meat Left On The Bone” remark regarding 's performance last year. Which caught a lot of attention due to the production Murray was able to have during his Cowboys' record-setting campaign.

Yesterday, he followed that up by stating, “They Gave Us A Little Taste” when referencing the amount of work the backs were getting during games and in practice. All Cowboys fans should hope that the coaches have kept the Running Backs and the rest of the roster to just a taste.

Regular Season is near and we need the team hungry in order to capture another Lombardi. The will have a huge impact on whether the Cowboys achieve that goal or how close they come to it.

So let's just hope we do not see any meat left on the bone at the end of this season. Or a fumble left on the grass .