How Kaepernick Trade Affects the Cowboys

As long as he can work out a contract renegotiation with the Broncos it appears that Colin Kaepernick will soon be traded to Denver by the San Francisco 49ers. If this happens there could be a ripple effect that impacts the Dallas Cowboys’ upcoming draft strategy.

Let’s quickly recap where teams are picking in first round. I’m going through the 15th pick as they include some other teams who could get involved. I’ve also included the picks from my last mock draft:

1. Titans – Laremy Tunsil, OT
2. Browns – Carson Wentz, QB
3. Chargers – Jalen Ramsey, DB
4. Cowboys – Myles Jack, LB
5. Jaguars – Joey Bosa, DE
6. Ravens – DeForest Buckner, DL
7. 49ers – Jared Goff, QB
8. Eagles – Ezekiel Elliott, RB
9. Bucs – Emmanuel Ogbah, DE
10. Giants – Ronnie Stanley, OT
11. Bears – Vernon Hargreaves, CB
12. Saints – Laquon Treadwell, WR
13. Dolphins – Shaq Lawson, DE
14. Raiders – Eli Apple, CB
15. Rams – Reggie Ragland, LB

I’ve also highlighted the Saints and Rams because they could be factors in what happens. The 49ers should be going hard after a quarterback, assuming Chip Kelly’s irrational evaluating doesn’t have him in love with Blaine Gabbert. He can’t be that stupid, right?

Cowboys Draft - How Kaepernick Trade Affects the Cowboys

Oh, sorry guys.

Let’s move along with the theory that Kelly wants a new quarterback in San Francisco. Here are some different scenarios that could happen which concern Dallas directly:

1. 49ers Trade Up to the 3rd Pick

In my last mock I had Goff falling to the Niners at their original 7th pick, which works great for them. However, they may have concerns that the Saints or Rams could try and move ahead of them.

New Orleans could move up into the #4-6 range using their second-round pick in addition to their first. Drew Brees is 37-years-old and his contract expires this year. Sean Payton could see this as a golden opportunity to get Brees’ replacement.

Los Angeles (oh, you know I typed “St. Louis” the first time) clearly needs a new quarterback with their Foles-Keenum-Mannion poo poo platter. They may have to give up next year’s first rounder to move into range for Goff or Wentz, but it wasn’t long ago that they got an extra first from Washington in the Robert Griffen deal. Wanting to bring excitement to their new city, the Rams could be extra motivated to make a big move.

So, fearing trade ups from one of these QB-needy teams, the Niners may send an extra pick San Diego’s way to get into that third spot. They could view any of teams from #4-#6, including the Cowboys, as potential trade partners for the Saints or Rams and work to get ahead of the pack.

Cowboys Draft - How Kaepernick Trade Affects the Cowboys 1
Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Cowboys Impact: If the Niners move up to #3 to take a quarterback then, in the mock draft I posted, it pushes Jalen Ramsey down to Dallas. The consensus right now is that Ramsey is the top player on Dallas’ board but he seems to be going in the top three picks in almost every projection. They will likely need help to land him and this is starting to look like the best possible scenario to get the assist.

2. 49ers Trade Up to Dallas’ #4 Pick

Not expecting the Chargers to take a quarterback, the Niners could call the Cowboys to make a move. Dallas would demand, at the least, the Niners’ 3rd-round pick and could probably get their 2nd-round pick in the deal.

Dropping to the 7th pick would put several useful players in range for Dallas; Ezekiel Elliott, Vernon Hargreaves, or one of the several defensive end options. There’s even a good chance that Myles Jack could still be there and they’d now have an extra Friday pick to work with. How’d you like that savvy move?

3. Cowboys Trade Up to #2 Pick

If Dallas wants a quarterback then they may have to consider this deal. The Browns may be willing to move after signing RG3 and needing lots of pieces to build their team.

Cowboys Draft - How Kaepernick Trade Affects the Cowboys 2Even if Dallas doesn’t think Cleveland is going to take a QB, they could still make this move if they’re worried someone will slide up to San Diego’s spot and take the guy they want. The Cowboys are only going to draft a quarterback that they truly love and they may not want to risk that guy being snatched away from them. Whether it’s Goff or Wentz, Dallas may make an aggressive move to get them.

~ ~ ~

These are the three major possibilities that the Kaepernick-to-Denver trade could lead to for Dallas. While the current order could hold and things unfold about the way my mock draft said, something about wheeling-dealing Chip Kelly in San Francisco makes me think that a shake-up is coming.

How much Dallas stands to profit from any 49ers activity depends on their own desire for a quarterback. If they want one, San Francisco becomes a problem. If not, Dallas stand to profit from whatever moves Chip makes.

It’s just another level of intrigue in the ever-entertaining draft process.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

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