Larry Fitzgerald Catch Draws Epic Twitter Response from Dez Bryant

Last night, the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Divisional Playoffs 26-20 in overtime – in a game that turned into an instant classic. While Cowboys Nation had the luxury of sitting back and watching the magic unfold, while leaving Arizona and Green Bay fans to sweat, there was one moment that sparked quite the reaction from the Dallas fanbase.

With the Cardinals driving late in the third quarter down by three, Carson Palmer found Larry Fitzgerald for a gain of 22 yards. However, Green Bay would challenge the reception – much like they challenged that of Dez Bryant in last year’s divisional round.

On this play, Fitzgerald appeared to lose control after securing possession of the football and running with it downfield. As we remember from Bryant’s play at Lambeau, the correct ruling would have been a completed pass – and at the very least a fumble that Bryant clearly recovered.

Here is the play:

Sean Martin ✭ on Twitter


The refs got this one right, as Fitzgerald’s catch stood and the Cardinals went on to win in overtime – on a Fitzgerald touchdown reception.

Dez Bryant took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the play in a rather blunt manner:

Dez Bryant on Twitter

Stop with the BS it was a catch

After realizing that the Cowboys’ fan base was rapidly drawing comparisons to the two plays, Bryant then responded with this:

Dez Bryant on Twitter

Yes I caught it RT @Peter_Godrick: @DezBryant But did you catch it tho?

Here are some of the best fan tweets from immediately after the play:

Marcus Mosher on Twitter

Fitz caught it. Dez caught it.

Patrik [No C] Walker on Twitter

I almost threw my damn beer at my TV. #DezCaughtIt if #FitzCaughtIt. @nfl

B. Scott from Hiram Clarke on Twitter

Friendly reminder that #DezCaughtIt

Don’t worry Dez, with a healthy Tony Romo in 2016 Cowboys Nation can look forward to plenty of catches throughout the season. See you back in the playoffs, #88.

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