Last of the ’09 Cowboys Draft Class, Victor Butler Signs with Saints

As I am sure you all know by now, Victor Butler has signed with the Saints.

Victor Butler signed with the Saints on March 28th, 2013.
Victor Butler signed with the Saints on March 28th, 2013.

Butler was the last remaining member of the 2009 draft class, meaning the Cowboys have nothing left to show for the notably bad ’09 draft class.

In 2009 the Cowboys had 12 draft picks, seven of which are no longer in the NFL. Butler, and tight-end John Phillips – who left for the San Diego Chargers as a free agent this off season – were hands-down the best members of the class.

Out of those 12 picks in that draft only Butler, Phillips, kicker Dave Bueler and third-string quarterback Stephen McGee lasted more than two years with the Cowboys.

From 2006 to 2009 the Cowboys selected 36 players, there are now only a measly four of the 36 left – Jason Hatcher, Anthony Spencer, Orlando Scandrick and Doug Free.

The 2009 draft was by far one of the worst draft years for the Cowboys in the last 10-15 years.

Take this in, the draft was a mere four years ago, and the team has nothing left to show for it. Usually it takes more than 4 years to determine whether a draft was a winner or failure, but in this case it’s safe to call ’09 a failure.

The Cowboys ’09 Draft consisted of:
Jason Williams – Linebacker – third-round pick, 69th overall –  Currently #57 Carolina Panthers

Robert Brewster – Offensive lineman – third-round pick, 75th overall – Currently a Free Agent

Stephen McGee – Quarterback – fourth-round pick, 101st overall – Signed with Houston Texans on January 24th, 2013.

Brandon Williams – Linebacker – fourth-round pick, 120th overall – Currently #59 Arizona Cardinals

DeAngelo Smith – Corner – fifth-round pick, 143rd overall – waived by Cowboys at the end of training camp – currently a free agent.

Michael Hamlin – Safety – fifth-round pick, 166th overall – Currently a free agent.

David Buehler – Kicker – fifth-round pick, 172nd overall – Currently #18 New York Giants

Stephen Hodge – Safety – Sixth-round pick, 197th overall – never played with Cowboys due to injuries.

John Phillips – Tight end – Sixth-round pick, 208th overall – Signed with San Diego Chargers on March 12, 3012.

Mike Mickens – Corner – Seventh-round pick, 227th overall –  Currently playing in the Canadian Football League with the Calgary Stampeders.

Manuel Johnson – Wide Receiver, 229th overall – seventh-round pick, 229th overall, didn’t make roster.

And of course…

Victor Butler – Linebacker – fourth-round pick – 110th overall – Currently New Orleans Saints.


The Cowboys had high-hopes for Butler, but his inconsistency has proven to be a problem over the years.

Butler was the Cowboys fourth-round pick and 110th overall in 2009.

Butler will be reunited with former Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, who has always spoken highly of the LB. Ryan was released from the Cowboys in January after two seasons with the team.

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Written by Shaleni McBain


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