When talks… we listen.

The took to the podium at the in Indianapolis and, besides continuing to proudly display his ginger-ness, gave us some insight on what's been going on in terms of his staff.

Coach Garrett kept a majority of coaches from last season's 4-12 campaign, but he did put a few of them onto a playlist and hit shuffle.

Linebackers Coach , a fan favorite and the potential heir to 's , has had a responsibility added to his plate. In addition to up (and maybe ?) Coach Eberflus has now been named the passing-game coordinator for the .

A lot of teams are starting to have coaches with this level of specificity assigned to them. Just two years ago the Cowboys dealt with that drama on the offensive side of the ball with and , and now they're thrusting Matt Eberflus into this new role (the same role that former Secondary Coach Jerome Henderson left to Atlanta for).

As I alluded to earlier Matt Eberflus is quite popular among those who wear , whether that's on the field, couch, or internet. He's being given a chance to live up to some of that hype and there's no doubt that he certainly will.

Huzzah, Coach Eberflus!

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