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LB Micah Parsons Speaks on Upcoming Game Against Tampa

A few days ago spoke to interviewers about his battle against . Parsons threw some pretty hard truths at the media describing what he thinks should happen to Tom Brady but also paid respects to the man as well.

“We need to get Tom Brady out of the NFL”

Parsons made this statement in his with others similar. Parsons made it clear that if he was 45, he would not still be playing football like Brady is. Parsons would instead be laying on the beach and watching his kids play the sport he loves instead.

Now with that said, Parsons still had much respect for the legend, sharing that when you play against him he just has a look that scares you. Parsons stated that there's no one out there that could compete with Brady's skill level and that he is just from another world.

Micah's main goal for this upcoming game (like all other Cowboy players) is to finally defeat Tom Brady for the first time in Cowboy . Tom Brady is 6-0 against the team over his entire career. This doesn't stop Parsons from believing that this could be the game that they defeat Brady.

Parsons thinks that with proper execution of plays, the Cowboys can overcome this drought. Kind of similar to Defensive Coordinator Dan Quinn's take on how they can defeat Tom Brady. This will be Micah's second time facing Brady and this will also be his second year on the Cowboys.

During the interview, Micah told everyone that he knows he doesn't have until 45 to play football. He understands, unlike Brady, that he's gonna get banged up more and suffer more hits than Brady did. So he must enjoy this time he has in the league for it doesn't last forever.

This match-up will be legendary between Tom and Parsons. A much younger, very skilled player vs a much older, experienced player with skill to still share. Can't wait to see what happens between the two and what the outcome at the end of the game will look like.

Tony Stahl
Tony Stahl
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