Liars, Cheats, Drugs & Baseball

This subject has worn out its welcome with not only me, but I am sure many of you. For some reason though, it is hard for me not to be immensely intrigued by it. Well I know what that reason is! It stems from my deep love of the game of baseball. As much as I love the Cowboys, they can never take the place of my first love “The National Past Time”!

The two constants in my life since birth have been the game of baseball, and the Cowboys! I have since grown a great deal and now understand that those two things are both, out of my control, and largely infected by the worst kind of human beings! As much as I would prefer to write on this blog that I created, about what kind of positional changes the boys need to be focusing on this off-season, I am immeasurably compelled to write about this nonsense that has taken place in Washington. I have thought to myself several times that I would not write about this on my blog, but after what I have just watched I feel obligated to speak out about the game I so dearly love.

You are not going to hear me say that all of this crap has been done by one side or the other; all of the parties involved share all of the responsibility of the collapse of this once precious game. This entire finger-pointing malarkey is disgusting and vile, it makes my stomach turn. We have got grown men who have profited more than I can ever imagine, from playing a game, lying not only to themselves, their families, there children, law makers, investigators, and most damning us, the people who pay to watch them play. Evidently I am the only one that views this as disgusting, because otherwise the media would not be force feeding us this grocery store check out trash! I have heard more than one person tell me that they do not care if these players took steroids, I myself have said this, but the more I think about it the more it pisses me off! We as fans have become so engrossed by the “highlight reel” that we have lost the one true feature of baseball, The Game. The game is what has really kept us watching, and paying good money to go see, although I do understand that many people go to these games merely because it is the hip thing to do, and that a lot of today’s baseball fans go for the atmosphere rather than, the intricacies of the game (you know the hit and run, the double steal), but when you remove all of that crap what is left? the game! Yea sure a 450 foot home run is awesome to see, but is that really why you watch? I certainly hope not!

I will continue to follow baseball, and will follow my teams! I will not however love the game like I once did, and that makes me very sad! So to all of you who are responsible for this travesty ( Bud Selig, MLB owners, MLB players) I hope you all enjoy your millions, and your giant homes, fancy cars, and all the luxuries that I will never see. To those of you that feel this steroid madness has not changed anything I have a question I would like for you to ponder and then respond back, I am very curious as to what I might be missing.

What is it that first brought you to the game of baseball?

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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