Living Up To The Hype: Switzer Named Offseason’s Top Rookie

Just after Cowboys minicamp ended, writers for ranked the top ten rookies in offseason practices. The list is without a doubt interesting. Three undrafted free agents made the list, which was pretty surprising.

Number one on the list was one of the most intriguing and entertaining rookies from this draft class, WR Ryan Switzer.

Drafted in the fourth round, Switzer was definitely a steal for the Cowboys.

Since OTAs kicked off we’ve been hearing good things about the 5’8″ rookie. He’s caught most of the passes thrown at him, trained with special teams, and covered for Prescott’s favorite target from 2016. Cole Beasley was out for offseason practices due to his injury, making the challenge for Switzer even harder.

He took the opportunity and got a lot of first-team snaps, which judging by what everyone has said of him, was very good for him and the team.

Ryan Switzer is arguably the most hyped Cowboys rookie of this year, for fans and the media, and for many reasons. Not only is he one of only two offensive players drafted, but he is a very similar player to one of the most popular guys in Dallas, Cole Beasley.

Plus, since Dwayne Harris left the team, the Cowboys have been looking for someone to fill his shoes on special teams. Lucky Whitehead hasn’t fulfilled expectations and there is a pretty good chance he doesn’t even make the roster this year. Besides, like Beasley, Lucky missed all the practices this offseason, giving Ryan more snaps and more practice.

It’s only June, but the hype around Switzer is real.

Ryan probably won’t get a starting role this year but I’m sure the Cowboys will find ways to get him involved right away. Opposing defenses will have a hard time covering both him and Beasley while keeping an eye out for 88.

Meanwhile, he will keep training with a hell of a WR squad with Dallas, preparing for what’s next.

Are you excited about Ryan Switzer’s future in Dallas?

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