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How Long is Too Long for Tony Romo Decision?

It will soon be a month since Cowboys was expected to be released, yet he is still under contract with Dallas. As everyone is wondering how much longer this saga will continue, one might question how long the Cowboys can keep hanging on to Romo before they become the villains.

Ask what Dallas should do about Romo and you will get plenty of different answers. Here's just a sampling of opinions I've seen:

  • Should have released him before began.
  • It's been long enough. No 's coming. Set him free.
  • Wait until after the draft to see if his trade value goes up.
  • Wait through ; never know what can happen with .
  • Keep him indefinitely. Best backup in the NFL.

Where you stand on this probably is all wrapped up in your feelings about Tony Romo. Even Cowboys fans and analysts who are usually advocates for the business side of the NFL have been unusually sympathetic about Romo's situation. They hate to see him “held hostage,” as they perceive it, as the Cowboys try to get something back for Romo's departure.

Tony Romo
QB Tony Romo

Personally, I'm fine with how the Cowboys have handled this so far. It's like Dallas and Houston, with Denver also at the table, are in a high-stakes hand of Texas Hold ‘Em. From my perspective, the start of free agency was only the flop. Right now is the turn, and the river is the 2017 .

The current standoff is about the two sides, Dallas and potential Tony Romo suitors, trying to call each other's bluff. The Cowboys are hoping that someone is going to finally get antsy about their quarterback situation and throw them a draft pick to secure Romo. Those teams are hoping that Dallas will eventually tire of the media coverage, need $5 million in cap space, or just finally cut Tony loose for personal reasons.

Even though it feels longer, we're just three weeks removed from the opening of free agency. The most important move so far was Houston's shedding Brock Osweiler's contract by trading him to the . At the time, this seemed a clear sign that they were getting ready to move on Tony Romo.

Instead, Houston has dug in with the proclamation that they're happy to ride with Tom Savage in 2017. They're grinning like they've got two aces in the hole, when the reality is much, much less. They just might bluff their way right out of the , or at least cost themselves a legit shot

Denver's position is stronger. They spent a first-round pick last year on and can reasonable claim that they're going to go with him. They also have Trevor Siemian, who is also relatively young and looked solid last year. They can afford to play hardball far more than Houston can.

Frenzy Over Tony Romo Ramping Up, Trade Possible
QB Tony Romo and Owner

There's no real internal risk for the Cowboys to keep waiting, has a firm grip on the starting job and the future of the franchise. If any reporters would still dare to ask about that, you could just reference them back to Tony Romo's conciliatory in November.

What's at stake for Dallas now is public relations and their reputation as a player-friendly organization. One of Jerry Jones' hallmarks has been love and loyalty to his players. When potential future see what's happening now with Romo, one of the most beloved Cowboys of the last 20 years, could they start to question if Dallas' culture has changed?

Some would argue that it doesn't matter, pointing at the . Do you want to make friends or win championships?

Adopting “The Patriot  Way” when it comes to running a team has plenty of merit. But one reason that the Patriots can afford to be tough in personnel matters is their track record for success. Players will deal with the decreased job security for a shot at winning a championship.

Dallas doesn't have recent success helping their reputation, so they need to be careful about taking a hard line with roster issues. The Cowboys' national spotlight and lack of state income tax will only go so far to motivating guys if they no longer trust the .

Tony Romo
QB Tony Romo

I think Dallas can keep Tony Romo through the 2017 Draft and avoid any significant harm to their reputation. Most will look at it as due diligence; waiting until this major event to see if anyone finally cracks under pressure.

Something could even happen during the draft itself. Imagine that you're Houston and you're on the clock in one the middle rounds. You don't love anyone on the board and can't find a good trade-down offer. Is that the point when you look around the room and finally decide ti pull the trigger on a Romo trade?

That possibility is why Dallas would be folding too soon if they released Tony Romo now. Draft picks are way more valuable to teams now while everything is still hypothetical. Those values can start dropping fast once the action starts and players start flying off your board.

If nothing happens during or shortly after the draft, though, then I do feel it is time to let Romo go. Let him join up with a new team for the start of their mini-camps and Organized Team Activities. Tony would still have a full two months before training camps start for playbook study and other steps in orienting himself with the new club.

If Romo is still here beyond that point, I'd join the ranks of people who feel Dallas' is handling this to cruelly. Some felt that way when Tony didn't get his job back last year. Other joined in when he wasn't released before the start of free agency.

The number keeps growing the longer this goes.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Travis Diggs

I said this in a post earlier this month, I’m a diehard cowboys fan but the difference in the ” cowboys way” and the ” patriots way” is respect, management, and ownership. While all the other NFL teams are getting better, were more wrapped in ” as the Romo turns soap opera…”. If New England was going through this I guarantee it would have been handled way more different while still building the team for the future. Jerry’s actions have led the fans to believe that he’s more focused in how this Romo situation ends than how THIS team NOW improves for the future. The Giants and Eagles have improved, Can we honestly say that we have?? Even the drama filled Redskins have made a couple moves, and what have we done ??? A couple resigns and Carroll and Paea Not Enough!! This upcoming draft class will have more riding on them then last years did, That’s gonna be a whole lot.

Jess Haynie

The Romo situation and the Cowboys ability to improve are directly linked. Romo is eating up a huge chunk of salary cap space that can’t be used to sign free agents. Partly because of that, the Cowboys are trying their best to get a draft pick in exchange for him so that they can acquire some new talent.

It’s misguided to say Dallas is distracted by Romo and not focused on the offseason. They are intertwined.

Darryl Williams

I think u mean 3 weeks till the start of the draft ?? Because free agency is going on now … right ?

Jess Haynie

“Three weeks removed from” means the same thing as “three weeks ago.”

Darryl Williams

Got it … must be late night reading got me once again.

deal with it

“Those teams are hoping that Dallas will eventually tire of the media coverage.”
LOL. Jerry Jones get tired of daily Cowboys media coverage? that’ll NEVER happen but I would expect Tony to be released right before Opening Day. Jerrah is as stubborn as a mule.

Jess Haynie

I agree that Jerry loves publicity, but this is one situation where I doubt he’s enjoying it. It’s nothing but negative from a media perspective, even as the Cowboys are doing the smart things by trying to maximize whatever trade opportunity is out there.


Houston appears to be the mark, and I agree with the stare down as long as there is good chance they fold and cough up value for Romo.

Also Romo may (maybe) believe that if something is given for him, it invests his new team more in hanging with him thru some future manageable injury. But I think he knows he’s pretty much down to Houston or retirement regardless at this point, so for that reason may not be as upset with the delay as people figure he would be. If F/A, he might get picked up by Denver or elsewhere – but maybe to backup not start.

I think Houston will crack and Romo is their Opening Day starter. But I expect the trade to be a conditional pick – up to a 2 or 3 if he starts most games. If we can get a depth OL or DL guy from it also – take it.

Jess Haynie

I agree that any eventual trade will involve a highly conditional pick. I could see the range going anywhere from the 2nd Round to nothing depending on how many games Romo’s healthy for, playoff appearance, etc.


Ever since Jimmy left, Jerry has tried to convince the rest of the NFL that he’s a “football guy”. If that means holding Romo hostage, so be it.

So far, he’s succeeded only in making himself look foolish and someone who can’t be trusted.

Jess Haynie

How has he looked foolish in this Romo situation?


Promising to release Romo, then changing his mind, for starters. Constantly drawing a line in the sand, then moving it back when the date passes w/o a trade, for another.

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