LOOK: Losing Cowboys Playbook Comes At A Heavy Price

There are a lot of intricacies that are involved with being a part of the Dallas Cowboys. There are meetings, practices, games, and a spotlight that matches the great state of Texas in which the team plays. The pressures can be high, and as we sometimes learn so can the fines. Typically the fines we reference are instituted from the NFL, but the Cowboys seem to be ready to dish some out themselves.

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If you’re on the #Cowboys and you lose your playbook or forget to charge your iPad… prepare to be fined. (h/t @TCrawford98 Snapchat)

According to Tyrone Crawford’s Snapchat account losing your Dallas Cowboys playbook can cost you up to $12,655. What in tarnation?!

These playbooks are on iPads, which to be fair can reach prices around $800 for the fancy-schmancy ones, but this figure seems a little ridiculous at first glance.

The heavy fines aren’t only just for losing your playbook/iPad, you can get fined for losing the charger! Not bringing the iPad to a meeting, not having it charged, or losing the charger altogether can result in a potential fine of $2,370! When was the last time you dropped over 2k for a standard Apple charger?

As you can see in the photo, Tyrone Crawford gave the photo a nice little caption – “No games played”. You’re right about that, Tyrone! The Cowboys have a strict set of rules to follow when it comes to their equipment, and if you don’t you better bust out the checkbook.

Of course, these policies seem somewhat practical in the secretive world of game-planning in the NFL. There is certainly a high standard, but such is the way of Jason Garrett’s “Right Kind of Guy” mantra… unless you’re Nolan Carroll. Shrug emoji.

The NFL recently struck a rights deal with Amazon, and I hope that all players automatically become Prime members. They could need a charger in a pinch and that fast-paced shipping could come in handy in order to avoid a hefty fine!

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