5 Cowboys, 5 Games: Who’s In Critical Condition?

    It's time to look ahead to 2016 for the . Unless NOW decides to start winning football games, this team with an already very talented roster will own a very high draft pick.

    Before we can get into the draft, let's take a look at five upcoming from the Cowboys that really need to prove their worth in the remaining five games.

    1. Greg Hardy

    For the sake of this exercise, let's forget about all that has happened off the field this season with . I say this because, if he has any chance to be extended, these things cannot be a factor as he must stay completely clean the rest of the way out.

    Other than that, he will need to find some consistency on the field. On two occasions, Hardy has followed up a game in which he recorded a sack with a whopping zero the next week. He also has only half a sack in his last three games.

    Greg Hardy has a lot to do if he expects to be a Dallas Cowboy next season.

    2. Rolando McClain

    Sticking with the , will be another guy to keep an eye on these next five weeks. McClain has been making plays all over the field the last three weeks, including his pick six against Miami.

    However, his issue since coming to Dallas has been keeping up mentally – as he has a habit of completely checking out of games at will.

    Playing for a 3-8 team, it would be so easy for McClain to pack it in to close the season. If this is the case, he will also be packing his bags come .

    3. Jeremy Mincey

    This , we were all buzzing with excitement at the overwhelming depth had to work with along the . For the most part, the unit has been a disappointment, especially when it comes to pressure from around the .

    's struggles have been well documented, but has quietly failed to record a single sack. This will need to change in a hurry, or the Cowboys will likely look elsewhere for pass rushers while expecting a fully healthy next season.

    Mincey has played 288 snaps along the line this season, which is the least among significant contributors.

    Cowboys Blog - Looking Ahead: Free Agents that Need Cowboys Remaining Games 1

    4. David Irving

    Irving was signed midseason from the Chiefs , and nobody knew much about him. Now, every Cowboys fan should know his name as the athletic has found his way into the backfield on a consistent basis.

    With locked up on a long-term deal, the Cowboys may have found an inexpensive and skilled linemen to play alongside him in the heart of this defense.

    Irving has a blocked field goal on the season, proving his worth in multiple ways. He will need to continue to stand out to return to the Cowboys.

    5. Robert Turbin

    The only offensive player on this list is a who has gotten nine carries. The Cowboys backfield has been nothing short of a revolving door this season, and while has looked good in bursts – he is not the long-term answer for this team.

    While no one on the roster currently is, Turbin has shown a lot of potential with a physical running style. If Turbin continues to run well and does not make any critical mistakes, he will find a spot in this backfield next season.

    Other Cowboys Free Agents:

    Matt Cassel

    Charles Brown

    News & Notes - Upon Further Review Returns to

    Sean Martin
    Sean Martin
    Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Boro Panther, Montclair State Red Hawk, and most importantly a proud member of Cowboys Nation! I host "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. Twitter: @SeanMartinNFL.


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    I think both Hardy and McClain are going to be gone. Unless Hardy is currently out of shape, he looks slow to me. While 4.5 sacks leads the team, which is pitiful in and if itself, we expected more and you cannot discount the off the field stuff. I believe in second chances but geez every time this guy posts to social media, or opens his mouth he steps in it! We really don't need the negativity. McClain is simply a head case. I don't know who we can look at for the very late date of his knee scraping but it resulted in him coming in with no camp to speak of and out of shape. He looks fat and slow and it's taken most of the season for him to be in shape. And yet I have read again recently where he might be ready to hang em up again. Man if you don't want to play, we don't need you. We need passionate players. There is no doubt about David Irving. On a team that has been hard to find bright spots, he has been a jewel. He needs to be signed to an extension as he is a missing piece on this line. I'm kind of wishy washy on Mincey. Sometimes I see him make a play and I say yes .And other times I just shake my head. I guess it doesn't matter to me what they do with him. I would like to see consistency from him. Turbin has been a bit of a surprise. While he only has 9 carries for 46 yards, if used correctly he certainly could be a piece of the puzzle. McFadden is still 28 and according to the 30 year wall, could have 2 years left. We still need to draft an RB but unless they go first round on Derrick Henry, or Ezekiel Elliot, I think we keep DMC and draft a guy like Devontae Booker, Alex Collins, or CJ Prosise in a later round.

    Zac Fields

    Well the two dbs on there I wouldn't mind getting rid of but since i've been told if we get rid of one we are keeping the other one. I guess for age reasons and maybe contract if I have to keep one and boot one i'd keep Mo and boot Brandon Carr.

    I'd agree if it was a one-or-the-other kind of thing. Ideally you'd figure out some way to keep both since they're both at least worthy of having a roster spot and getting some playing time. With Claiborne, you can actually get him back here on whatever terms you'd like since his contract is up. With Carr, that's an unknown. I won't pretend to be a "capologist" but I hate having him cost $7 million against the cap to not play for the team ALMOST as much as I'd hate paying him $14 million to play. If there were a 3rd option where we could extend Carr's contract by a few years but pay him something more like $3-4 million per season, that would be ideal. Then like I've said, you could give him a shot at safety… I feel like I remember reading that he has lined up at safety before either with the Chiefs or in college. I just think his speed (actually… lack of top line speed), durability, and tackling ability would suit him better at the safety position.


    Well the two dbs on there I wouldn't mind getting rid of but since i've been told if we get rid of one we are keeping the other one. I guess for age reasons and maybe contract if I have to keep one and boot one i'd keep Mo and boot Brandon Carr.

    Bryson T

    Good point on Carr, @Pigskin Zac. I wouldn't mind seeing Carr tried out at safety for $4mil.

    Doug Free is a liability and has been my least favorite Cowboy since he started displaying his love of false starts years ago, but 5 O-linemen in as many years? idk. I think he stays put and Leary gets cut, plus a mid round pick to compete. Free has played G before so he can be the rotational backup as needed. Leary is a G, not a T.

    Jones has to be a CB. He's just too much of a beast not to be a CB in this league. That said, we don't really know where he fits in yet because he's been played in several position as a rookie, which definitely tells us how smart the guy is. Either position he plays will be better for having him there. Should be getting my Byron Jones jersey tomorrow!!! He's a badass.

    They're not cutting Church until they have his replacement. He plays solid enough to warrant that, at least.

    Zac Fields

    I edited my above post, but I absolutely hate the idea of Byron Jones getting pigeonholed into being a career safety. If he's a better safety than he is a corner, then fine, but I can't fathom that being the case.

    The way I see it: This guy has insane athletic talent. Insane. Unlike Claiborne and Carr, he has the speed to run with speedy receivers and the athleticism to cover the big receivers. I would love to see Jones in a position one day to mirror the opposing team's top receiver, whether that be a tight end like Gronkowski or a wideout like Calvin Johnson. I just think he has the potential to be a great cornerback. And usually, if you have the potential to be a great cornerback, that's the position you play.

    I'd love to experiment with a couple of our guys (Mo and Carr) at FS, especially seeing how well Charles Woodson went from aging cornerback to top safety. I'd just hate to see Jones get stuck with that job when he has the ability to be a top flight cornerback. I really think him being used at safety this season was more about Carr and Claiborne having the cornerback positions pretty locked down and Wilcox/Church struggling in coverage. I think when you lose Carr and/or Claiborne, Jones is going to end up back at corner.

    That's just my armchair GM POV, though.

    Jess Haynie

    I see things a little differently in the secondary. I think Jones becomes the full-time FS and they go spend some money on the other starting safety. Some of those funds will come from cutting Barry Church (about $3 million). Wilcox will play the final year of rookie deal as a cheap backup with experience and versatility.

    CBs will be Scandrick and then some combination of Patmon, a re-signed Claiborne (maybe), and some other veteran addition. Carr is definitely getting cut unless he takes a Doug Free paycut.

    Zac Fields

    Agreed on Brandon Carr being the most likely, 110%.

    He will count $14M against the cap next season if he's on the roster, and about $7M if he's not. There's no chance they will pay him that kind of money. They *might* work out a deal to keep him here at a substantially reduced salary, but I'm not sure how likely that is. The only benefit there is if they could work out a deal that keeps him in Dallas for less than the $7M he'll count if they cut him. If that were possible, I'd much rather them go that route because you can't ever have too many quality cornerbacks and despite his flaws, Carr is at least worthy of a roster spot. Just not worthy of what he's being paid.

    I also think Carr could be a better safety and they might be able to give him a shot at that position if they can get his cap figure down to a reasonable "experimental safety" type deal… $3-4M. That would free up Byron Jones to play cornerback where I think he belongs. You don't stick a guy with his athleticism (4.3 forty and can long jump/vert jump a car) at safety. You want him covering top receivers, not tight ends…. unless of course the tight end is the top receiver 😉

    I'd like to say Free is next. They can save a couple million by cutting him and he is easily the weak link on the offensive line. I think they can do better for the $5.5M he will count on the cap next year.

    Bryson T

    Brandon Carr is not coming back. It ended up being a bit of a godsend that we kept him this year since Scandrick is out, but can't justify that again. Scandrick, Jones, Claiborne, Patmon are the CBs. Lot of talk about Jones at FS but that's just because Wilcox is stinking it up, which brings me to my second most likely to be cut, JJ Wilcox. I prefer Heath over Wilcox the way they've been playing this year. Apparently Wilcox is just better in zone. Carr, Claiborne, and Scandrick are not.

    Jess Haynie

    Who's ready to start talking about the offseason? I know I am! LOL

    Simple enough question… Which player of significance is least likely to return to Dallas in 2016?

    Some good choices are:

    Doug Free
    Greg Hardy
    Rolando McClain
    Brandon Carr
    Morris Claiborne

    Feel free to pick from these or suggest anyone else. I'll add my pick soon.