Cowboys CTK: Manny Hendrix Solos #45 For The Cowboys

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Welcome to Friday Eve here at Inside The Star, a day that I take very seriously. I’ve got a Thursday morning routine that consists of seven pancakes, eighteen eggs, and four glasses of orange juice. Don’t believe me? You shouldn’t, there’s no way I could physically eat that let alone cook it.

What I can cook though is delicious Cowboys Countdown To Kickoff cookies. Today I’ve whipped you up a batch of the Greatest 45 in Dallas Cowboys History, enjoy!

The Following Players Have All Worn 45 For The Dallas Cowboys:

  • Shaun Chapas, FB
  • Dick Daniels, FS
  • L.G. Dupre, RB
  • Richmond Flowers, SS
  • Manny Hendrix, CB
  • Larry Robinson, RB
  • Mike Solwold, C
  • Nicky Sualua, RB
  • Steve Wilson, CB
  • Rolly Woolsey, CB

Prior to players like Jimmy Graham or Antonio Gates, the idea of converting basketball players into football players had been implemented by the Dallas Cowboys. Gentlemen like Cornell Green, Percy Howard, Ken Johnson, Ron Howard, and Peter Gent (author of North Dallas Forty) all made the pivotal switch.

Manny Hendrix

Cowboys Blog - Manny Hendrix Solos #45

In 1986, the Cowboys took another chance on a basketball player out of the University of Utah. Manny Hendrix, coming in at 5’10” and 170 pounds managed to make the transition not just to football but also to one of the most difficult positions to play… cornerback.

Hendrix suited up for the Cowboys from 1986 all the way through 1991 when eventual Super Bowl XXX MVP, Larry Brown, replaced him. He managed to intercept two passes with a Star on his hat, thrown by Doug Williams and Randall Cunningham.

#45: A Hendrix Solo

Cowboys Blog - Manny Hendrix Solos #45 1

The number 45 is an interesting one in franchise history. Only Hendrix has worn the number for longer than 3 seasons. While Larry Brown eventually replaced him, Manny Hendrix did enough in his 6 seasons under the number to earn the Greatest 45 in Dallas Cowboys History.

Check back tomorrow to find out who the Greatest 44 in Dallas Cowboys History is!

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