The month of March came to a close last Thursday and its signature sporting event went out in style this past Monday, but Inside is officially closing the book on the third cycle of thirty days today.

For the past five weeks we here at have been running our Official March Madness Bracket. We found the 32 best plays from the 2015 season and tossed them in so that we could crown a winner. After the Round of 32, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship Round… that time has come.

Fans from across the world have all voted and I am proud to present – The Best Play Of The 2015 Dallas Cowboys Season.

The Star News - March Madness: Cowboys Edition, Best Play Of 2015 Season

While there were 32 plays to choose from this was literally the first one to happen as far as chronological order is concerned.

Hope seemed slim after a Josh Brown Field Goal gave the G-Men a 26-20 lead with 1:34 to go in the 2015 season opener, but that time could have been far less if not for some clock mismanagement by .

Romo and Co. took that gift and never looked back. After a few dump offs to and a nice pass to , the Cowboys were within striking distance. With a perfect seven seconds left in the game, on 3rd and 2, did what Tony Romo does.

He bobbled the snap, Classic Romo, and found his best friend in the endzone for the game-winning score. It was truly unbelievable even for someone like Tony Romo who has pulled off many the impossible task, and it was a moment that held on tightly to as the 2015 horror slowly unleashed itself in the following weeks.

When we started this Bracket it always felt like this play was far and away better than the 31 other contenders, and now that is official. Congratulations to Tony, Witten, and even Eli Manning for all contributing to The Best Play Of The 2015 Dallas Cowboys Season!

What are your thoughts on our winner? Do you think that this was The Best Play Of The 2015 Dallas Cowboys Season? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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Sean Martin

Love that this play won! This was one of those Cowboys moments that you'll never forget where you were for it. I was watching with Sean Mc (our sports director at WMSC and a big Cowboys fan as well) and my roommate who is a Giants fan. When NY got a first and goal I actually started a draft of our game story as if we lost. The second the pass from Eli sailed out of bounds on third down, Sean slammed my laptop shut and guaranteed we would go down and win the game. Sure enough Romo did his thing, and the only thing I could do when the touchdown actually happened was silently jump into his arms because everyone else in the hallway was sleeping. One of the best moments of the season for sure…

Thanks for running this bracket RJ, I enjoyed it. ✭

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