March means a couple of things:

  • February was last month.
  • April is next month.
  • Madness!

The NCAA Tournament finally caught up to Inside The Star on Tuesday when the First Four games tipped off. If you've been hanging out here at ITS, which of course I know you have been, then you know we've been in the middle of our tournament for quite some time already.

Before we move on let me say that if college basketball and building a bracket around it is indeed your cup of tea then make sure to join The Official Inside The Star bracket group! You can play alongside your fellow in your hopes of not having your bracket blown to smithereens. Enough of that hooey, let's get to the goods.

The real  March Madness bracket may exist in the same format as the NCAA Tournament, but its content is much more rich and pertinent to you. Here at Inside The Star we've been moving along all throughout the third month of the year, stepping down each plateau of our bracket to determine the Best Dallas Cowboys Play of 2015.

Welcome To The Elite Eight!

The Round of 32 kicked off two weeks ago, and the Sweet Sixteen finished last night. All the math nerds in the crowd can deduce that means we have arrived at the Elite Eight!

[totalpoll id=”28779″]

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[totalpoll id=”28785″]

It's up to you to determine who advances to the Final Four! Vote now and make it happen!

The Elite Eight Is Now In Your Hands!

Voting will close next Tuesday night at 11pm CT when everything will be tallied up and we'll advance to the Final Four! Remember that every Wednesday, just like today, we'll unveil the next round of the bracket and re-open the polls for voting once more.

Which plays do YOU think will advance to the Final Four?! Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!