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Marinelli Gives High Praise To Sophmore Demarcus Lawrence

If you're like me, 's defensive substitutions along the line likely leave your head spinning week in and week out. However, this season, it appears he finally has the right guys for every situation.

That is if second-year can live up to his new nickname – “Deac”.

Short for the late and great Deacon Jones, Lawrence will try to build on a rookie season where he played just 7 games.

He had a knack for making the big play when needed, forcing a fumble late against Matt Stafford in the Divisional . Of course, we were all likely screaming when he recovered the first only to lose it again – but he made up for it immediately after to seal the deal.

Cowboys Blog - Marinelli Gives High Praise To Sophmore Demarcus Lawrence
Click this picture to see Lawrence's game ending fumble recovery, via!

That drive is what fueled Deacon Jones, a 14th round pick in 1961, to become an NFL Hall of Famer. Let's hope the same occurs with Demarcus Lawrence, starting in 2015.

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Sean Martin
Sean Martin
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