2009 Draft Picks-Time to decide your future ✭
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2009 Draft Picks-Time to decide your future

NFL Draft

2009 Draft Picks-Time to decide your future

Well the Cowboys waited, they traded, and then delivered in a seemingly common fashion in this year’s draft.  It’s no shocker to see that things weren’t as projected.  The Cowboys themselves swept us off our feet, following through with 12 picks and none of them necessarily a jaw dropper so I thought I’d go through them and Tell you what I think.

Jason Williams OLB Western Illinois: Projected to be able to dominate the inside with his speed, size, and strength. He’s a big hitter and has the speed to make some plays.

Verdict: He makes the team edging out Bobby Carpenter.

Robert Brewster OT Ball State: Versatile lineman capable of guard and tackle positions but can be sloppy in game scenarios. However, he moves quickly for being 325.

Verdict-Second string option for any position, expect him to start over time.

Stephen McGee QB Texas A&M: Stephen is reunited with Martellus Bennett and a good thing. In the wildcat offense McGee will get his chance and will have a target he’s comfortable with. His speed, size, and arm strength will give us the back up we’ll be looking for and a viable option if Romo goes down.

Verdict: No brainer, he becomes the third quarterback and a franchise back up.

Victor Butler OLB Oregon State and Brandon Williams Defensive End Texas Tech: I put these two together because they are very similar. They look to become hybrid players. I’m not sure I like Butler’s chances as much as I like Brandon Williams’ chances to sure up the end. They’re speed is the thing here, both very quick and have the ability to get to the quarterback. Victor Butler has a small problem with strength and open field tackling.

Verdict: Williams makes the team as Second String beating out either Hatcher or Bowen. Butler will have to compete but can surely contribute; his future depends on what the Cowboys are thinking about doing with Ellis.

DeAngelo Smith CB Cincinnati: The truth is that we need Cornerback Depth and this boy can play. He’s got great ball skills and is a hawk. His speed is an issue but with proper training he’s going to be a good young talent.

Verdict: He’ll make the team because of the lack of depth but contribution will start with the special teams, he controls his own destiny.

Michael Hamlin S Clemson: A Talented safety who was mocked by some to be taken by the ‘boys in the 2nd. With him you’ll get a safety that can contribute immediately.

Verdict: A lock to make the team but if he becomes a starter will be determined by Mike Mickens and DeAngelo Smith who may make the switch to safety.

David Beuhler PK USC: A lot view this as Jerry’s fun pick. Not a need at all with Nick Folk being a NFL Elite. Beuhler has the ability to kick deep and accurate, he’s more of a luxury then a necessity.

Verdict: He’s an insurance option, but I can’t see the Cowboys using him for much. I don’t expect to see him on the 2009 roster.

Stephen Hodge OLB TCU: This dude is a speed demon who really can produce on the field. He’s not expected to start but I personally predict him to be a special teams monster. Say goodbye to Keith Davis… Say Hello to his replacement.

Verdict: One of my favorite picks, this Local will be a role player on this franchise and will receive his time to shine.

John Phillips TE Virginia: Blocking Tight end, not very gaudy on his passing game. However, With Bennett and Witten ahead of him, he doesn’t need to be.

Verdict: He’ll compete for the third spot but will need some serious training, He could do it though, but if not he’ll be on the practice squad awaiting his chance.

Mike Mickens CB Cincinnati: STEAL ALERT. This years Scandrick, this player dropped from 2nd to third round talent. He can play safety or corner; he has speed, he’s aggressive, and can find the ball and makes plays. With mentorship from Terrance Newman, you’re looking at a real potential to be a key player for the Cowboys in the future.

Verdict: Done deal, Mickens will continue to impress and will get adequate opportunities to show what he has. Expect big things from him in a couple years.

Manuel Johnson WR Oklahoma: He’s a tough receiver possibly possession style. He has trouble separating which will give him trouble given the type of talent playing DB in the NFC East. It’s hard to expect that much.

Verdict: He’ll have to outplay Stanback, but if he can he’ll be able to show what he has. Coach Sherman is who holds his future.

Final Analysis: Hamlin, Mickens, Hodge, McGee, Brewster, Jason Williams, Smith, and Brandon Williams are looking to immediately contribute. The others all have a good chance but will it will require a lot of hard work, dedication, and skill.

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  • https://insidethestar.com/ TT

    Pretty much what I see in this draft class for the Cowboys as well. I do expect that Johnson will be able to beat out Stanback, which shouldn’t be hard if this guy can stay healthy at all. Drafting what I hear is a fair amount of speed with other well-rounded traits of a receiver, and getting McGee as well, Stanback’s value just went way down thanks to his inability to really gel in this offense and stay healthy.

    I expect to see Beuhler in 09 simply because we do need better kickoffs to get field position more consistently, and with so many of these picks shoring up the special teams unit, it looks like we’ll be able to cover them under new coach Joe D.

  • Shaun Wellman

    Victor Butler and Brandon Williams wont be competeing with Hatcher or Bowens for backup Defensive end spots because they were both drafted to play Outside Linebacker. They’ll back up Ware and Spencer, and Ellis thankfully will be outta here.

    DeAngelo Smith was drafted to play Safety, and possibly return punts.

    Beuhler will make the team because Folk may be an NFL elite when it comes to FG’s And PAT’s, but his place kicking is horrible, and Spagnolas excuses about him being asked to kick directionally because of the poor coverage units held even less water after this pick was made. I’m not saying he was wrong about the coverage units play, but the biggest reason Folk was asked to kick directionally was because of VERY poor hang-time and the inability to put the ball past the 5 yd line with any consistency.

    After it’s all said and done I really liked this draft. I think they were able to re-build their special teams unit from the ground up and bring in young guys to push the vets and push out some of the garbage at the bottom of the lineup.

    How many guys do you think feel safe about their roster spot now?

    If you do the math you’ll see that if they are willing to part with just a few sub par performers there could be a spot on the roster for all these guys.

    Maybe Wade is a little soft, but if these guys are paying attention to the rookie class coming in this year he won’t have to completely change his style and still be able to get results. Knowing you could be CUT in a heartbeat can be a very good motivator.

  • https://insidethestar.com/ Bryan Martin

    Hey Shaun I really appreciate your comments but just remember that butler and williams have to POTENTIAL to play both, and I think that they will. We needed a little more on the line and we took that. I’m not saying they wont play OLB but behind ware and spencer I dont see them getting all the time they want. The could contribute at both positions.

  • https://insidethestar.com/ TT

    Both Smith and M. Hamlin are being looked at in combination roles between safety and corner on defense, according to Wade Phillips, though with Mickens I don’t see how any subpackagaes would arise that have Newman, Jenkins, Scandrick, Mickens, and either Smith or M. Hamlin at corner. So what Wade said won’t exactly play out, especially since he gave Alan Ball new hope of making an impact as well.

    As for Beuhler and Folk, well Shaun got it right above. The combination of Folk’s poor kickoff ability and the special teams inability to cover kicks worth a damn is why he was asked for directional kickoffs. With improved special teams as we should have with these new players, they want a guy to kick the ball deep, and Beuhler is the kind of guy that does that and also adds into the mix an extra guy that can lay a hit on the returner.

    I tell you though, if Mickens checks out and is clear to play, I’d be willing to bet that he’s the steal of the 09 draft, and definitely a steal for the Cowboys. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

  • Shaun Wellman

    The only way Butler or Williams will play defensive end is in the nickel defense when they go with four down linemen.

    They are not big enough to play end in the 3-4.

    I agree about Mickens being the steal of this draft, definately this years Orlando Scandrick.

    They’ll be keeping 10 DB’s this year so I think theres room for all these guys on the 53.

    CB S
    Terence Newman Ken Hamlin <===( I would’nt mind dropping this guy)
    Mike Jenkins Gerald Sensabaugh
    Orlando Scandrick DeAngelo Smith
    Allan Ball Michael Hamlin
    Mike Mickens Stephen Hodge

    I think this is how it will shake out in the end. Pat Watkins and Courtney Brown are done, and I think Bryan is right on the money about Stephen Hodge replacing Keith Davis.

  • Shaun Wellman


    I had those names spaced into 2 columns. CB. Safety.

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