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Martin’s 5: Is Morris Claiborne Next In Line For Interception?

Welcome back to Martin's 5!

My name is Brian Martin, and I will be your unofficial host for the duration of this article.

Okay, this isn't a game show, but I will be taking advantage of this opportunity to share with you the random thoughts that I have bouncing around in my head.

Scary I know, but I will limit them to the ones that specifically relate to the and spare you the things that go on inside my head. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor.

Last week's edition covered a number of different topics that I have been wondering about and the majority of them related to the Dallas Cowboys match up with the division rival . This week will be much of the same, but with a few extras just to add a little bit of flavor.

So, below are five things I've been wondering about and the majority of them have to do with the Week 3 match up with the .

One: You can call it a hunch, a bold prediction, or a gut feeling, but ever since the Redskins game I've been wondering if Morris Claiborne is the next for the Dallas Cowboys to get an interception? The Dallas Cowboys has two consecutive games with an interception and that streak could possibly continue Sunday night against the Chicago Bears. had the first INT Week 1 against the and Barry Church had the second against the Redskins last week. It seems as if the Cowboys is going in alphabetical order in regards to who gets the INT, so that means is the next man up.


Two: I wonder if Dak Prescott will finally throw his first career touchdown in the . Prescott has been able to put together long drives for the Cowboys , but has failed to cap it off with a touchdown pass so far. He had two opportunities in Week 1 against the New York Giants, but unfortunately failed to connect with Cole Beasley for what would have been a walk-in touchdown because of a high throw. Then, he also had a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant overturned after the officials reviewed the play. The beat up Chicago Bears defense could possibly be the best chance for Prescott to connect with one of his receivers in the end zone for a TD.


Three: Speaking of the Chicago Bears beat up defense, I wonder if Ezekiel Elliott will finally have his first career 100 yard rushing game in the NFL. Despite Elliott's two fumbles last week against Redskins, I fully expect him to receive the majority of the carries against the Bears Sunday night. Alfred Morris has clearly outperformed Elliott the first two weeks of the season, but the rookie RB is simply too talented to keep off the field. Elliott will improve with each repetition he receives and that's why I think he will receive 20+ rushing attempts against the Chicago Bears, possibly eclipsing 100 rushing yards.


Four: I wonder if the recently signed Ryan Davis will make his debut for the Dallas Cowboys Sunday night against the Chicago Bears. Davis was signed to help improve the for the Cowboys defense, but he didn't suit up against the Redskins last week. It was somewhat surprising, but understandable at the same time considering he might not be up to speed with 's defensive playbook. The Cowboys defense could definitely use all the help they can get to improve their pass rush. So, if nothing else would make a good situational pass rusher until he gets up to speed with the playbook.


Five: I wonder if will continue to be aggressive the rest of the as he was against the Washington Redskins last week. It's a rarity that we see Garrett take many chances on the football field, and that can sometimes be frustrating for us fans watching. That is why it was so surprising to see him go for a 4th and 1 and also an onside kick last week in the Redskins game. I don't really expect Garrett to continue taking many chances, but it was encouraging to see that he is playing to win. It was a breath of fresh air compared to his usual conservative approach.

Thanks for reading and don't forget to use the comment section below to share your thoughts/opinions or anything that you might be wondering about yourself.

Brian Martin
Brian Martin
Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

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