Martin’s 5: K Dan Bailey Might Be Cause For Conservative Cowboys Coaching

    Welcome to Martin's 5!

    I know what you're probably thinking, and yes Zack Martin does indeed still wear the number 70 jersey.

    This is the first of what will hopefully turn into a weekly series of articles I will personally be writing about random thoughts, unanswered questions, and things I keep wondering about that I can't quite explain. Basically, the things I think about when I'm stargazing or randomly start pondering in regards to the .

    Each week I will share with you five random things that I just can't get out of my head and with the use of this platform open a discussion so that hopefully you (the readers) or the Dallas Cowboys can help me alleviate the unexplained that continues to nag at me.

    Let's get started with five things I'm wondering about heading into the Week 2 match up with the division rival .

    One: I wonder if Dan Bailey is the reason why the Dallas Cowboys staff is willing to play conservatively instead of trying to become more creative and taking more chances on , especially in the Bailey is near automatic when he steps on the field attempting a field goal and is probably the sole reason why Terrance Williams caught so much flak last week. If Williams would've run out of bounds with even a second left on the clock, Bailey would have had an opportunity to kick a 60+ yard field goal and a chance to win the game. Is to clutch to allow the offense to take more chances?

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    Two: I wonder if we are starting to see a declining player in Doug Free? completely dominated the match up with Free last week. Free has struggled with the past several years and some of those injuries have resulted in surgeries. It's no secret that the older that NFL players get, the quicker their bodies start to break down. If that is what we are starting to see with , then we should all be concerned because there are still questions surrounding the readiness of swing Chaz Green.

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    Three: We all know that Dez Bryant is an emotional player and probably isn't happy with the way he was utilized last week against the Giants. If he isn't involved early in the Redskins game, I wonder if we will see one of his sideline tantrums? The Redskins will certainly look to contain the and make Bryant as much as a nonfactor as possible. So, it will be up to to find the right mix of keeping Bryant happy and making sure he's not forcing the issue of getting him the ball.

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    Four: I wonder why the seems to struggle the first few games of the season? I think we can all agree that what we saw from the Cowboys offensive line last week is not what we are used to seeing. The same thing happened last season and it seemed to take them a few games to get into a groove. Are they not benefiting from the off-season practices? Whatever it is, the Giants game could have gone an entirely different direction if there would have been a little better blocking up front for the running game.

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    Five: I wonder if we will see take over the starting middle position? I'm a fan of Anthony Hitchens, but he struggled quite a bit against the Giants and was eventually replaced by Durant. Durant has the ability to play all three linebacker positions for the Cowboys defense and has the veteran experience to know how to avoid getting lost in the congestion in the middle. Unfortunately, injuries are always a concern with him. I hate to say it, but the Cowboys defense will certainly miss 's physical presence at middle linebacker.

    Remember to take advantage of the comment section below so that you can provide your thoughts and opinions on this topic or to help me out by answering some of my random thoughts.

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    Eric Welly

    1. Bailey is that good, and TWill messed up. But Dallas didn’t use the tools for the job. 3 6’+ WRs, 3 6’5″ TEs, 3 RBs to choose from along with Dunbar\Whitehead the open space eaters.

    2. Free needs help now morw often than not, good coaches see it and give help, once again we go back to 3TE\4RBs and Free works alone for some reason.

    3. Lock Garrett in a closet, Dez will get his and Lenihan calls the perfect game, while allowing his rooks to make plays.

    4. Kinda hard to move a pair of Gilbert Browns out of the hole, go around, make them chase plays for a bit.

    5. McClain is gone, he has no locker, 3 LBs hurt in camp, Lee\Wilson\Hitchens and the other 2 LBs who are gone now are all we had, now we have Durant back which is good, better if he had been on a team during the off-season\preseason. This is 1 of the reasons Hayden was a favorite of mine not for his play but his availability, week in week out.

    For once the Cowboys don’t need to help the QB, just use the tools for the job, this team is 3\4 deep WR\TE\RB and a dominant OL.

    Unlike chess, all the pieces aren’t created equal, some are just better when used with skill.

    KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid