Marty B … logger? and Jay Cutler

Well, it looks like the Insider Blog has a new author, and face, now that Kevin Burnett has departed for San Diego. Can’t really say that it’s a surprise though since the new author has been making blogging headlines for a while now either due to his updates on Twitter or his, at times, controversial videos on YouTube.

Yep, Marty B TV is coming into the blogosphere and if his first post is any indication of what we can expect … good lord.

Check out Martellus Bennett’s first entry here.

In other news though, it appears that Jay Cutler has finally gotten his wish and is now being shopped around. It’s not really a surprise to me that Denver is trying to him, but it is concerning that so many people are still thinking that Washington is a good destination for him.

It’s similar to what happens to Tony Romo a lot being another East … these guys consistently play some of the toughest defenses in the league. Anytime you have a team that plays against the likes of the Chiefs, Chargers, and Raiders for six weeks of every season, the quarterback on that team is going to look good more often than not.

But when you have a guy like Jason Campbell from the Redskins who plays six games against the Giants, Eagles, and Cowboys, he’s bound to look bad and play bad more often. It’s not a direct relation to the guys skill or talent or ability in any way, it simply means that he is playing better defenses in a division that is happy.

So the talks of the Redskins trading Campbell for Cutler are a little retarded. Some media folks have said that it would be a problem if the ‘Skins acquired Cutler because he is seen as one of the most promising young quarterbacks in the league, and that he would give the Cowboys fits, but really a guy like Cutler just makes our look even better by throwing more interceptions than Campbell.

That’s really the trade-off between the two, Cutler throws more loosely, and Campbell takes more . I say it’d be a plus for us if the Redskins picked up Cutler, not only because of those stats, but because Cutler is on the verge of becoming a full on diva in the league after he so adolescently threw a tantrum when he thought trade offers were being entertained for him early this .

Guess what? Now he will be traded and what he has to look forward to is landing on a team that probably has less going for it than the Broncos. The only real contenders mentioned thus far as possible trade partners for Cutler have been the Redskins and Titans. Other teams being mentioned are the Vikings, Lions, Browns, and the Jets … careful what you wish for is coming to mind right now.

What do you think?

Bryson T

Written by Bryson T

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