When she was standing outside the Alamo, the coveted title of Miss United States hanging in the balance, Cheryl Frasier (representing the tiny state of Rhode Island) was asked to describe the perfect date. Her answer is one that will live in infamy forever.

Today is, as defined by the eventual Miss United States, The Perfect Date. What makes it perfect for the , though?

Three years ago today they drafted someone who would become the , no pun intended, to their perfectly perfect – the best one in the National Football League.

Cowboys Draft - Memory Lane: April 25th Is The Perfect Date For The Dallas Cowboys 2

celebrates three years as a Dallas Cowboy today, and he has been the epitome of perfection every single day that he's worn . The Cowboys were originally on the clock with the 18th Overall Pick, but they traded down to the 31st Overall Pick and found themselves the greatest beard to ever come out of Wisconsin.

In the 1,096 days (exactly three years) since The Perfect Date happened and the Cowboys drafted Travis Frederick, he has:

Frederick's perfection was put to the test in 2015 with the hodgepodge of quarterbacks that the Dallas Cowboys forced him to snap the ball to. You could argue that no one underwent as massive of a change with the revolving door at the position than Frederick, and he stepped up to the challenge each and every time.

Travis himself became a quarterback when he took the snap at QB to end the Pro Bowl. The event highlighted Frederick's lighthearted attitude, one that makes him a popular player among Dallas . “Fredbeard” is, as we currently sit, entering the last year of his rookie contract, but it is extremely likely that the Cowboys will pick up his fifth-year option. More Beard should be on the way, don't panic!

Make sure to wish Travis Frederick a Happy Dallas Cowboys Birthday on Twitter! This date is undoubtedly special to him, but it is The Perfect Date for those of us that get to watch him snap the ball to and protect every Sunday.

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