Michael Irvin Weighs In On Houston Texans As Tony Romo's Landing Spot ⋆
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Michael Irvin Weighs In On Houston Texans As Tony Romo’s Landing Spot

Michael Irvin Weighs in on Texans as Tony Romo Landing Spot

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Michael Irvin Weighs In On Houston Texans As Tony Romo’s Landing Spot

Michael Irvin Weighs In On Houston Texans As Tony Romo’s Landing Spot

Michael Irvin’s opinion is – rightfully so – respected by the masses in Cowboys Nation. This is why it was noteworthy last year when he supported the idea of Johnny Manziel signing with the Cowboys.

Carving out a role as a national NFL Network analyst with an unending passion to defend America’s Team, Irvin has now weighed in on the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo talk that’s seemingly faded a bit as of late.

Just days after our Staff Writer Brian Martin pondered if the Houston Texans are even deserving of Tony Romo’s services, Michael Irvin had this to say:

“Never in your lifetime, my lifetime and your kids’ lifetime will the Houston Texans take over Texas from the Dallas Cowboys” – Michael Irvin.

The quote comes as reassurance that, so long as Tony Romo is in fact not wearing the star in 2017, the Cowboys have other things to worry about – such as building a Super Bowl contending roster around their young core.

However long this may take under Dak Prescott, three-time Cowboys’ Super Bowl champion Michael Irvin is convinced that Dallas will dominate professional football in Texas for a long time.

Going a step further, Irvin added that he would even take the Cowboys over a potential Tony Romo quarterbacked Texans squad in 2017.

“I would still take Dallas in that game and winning that Super Bowl” – Michael Irvin.

Hopefully these quotes from Irvin can calm some Cowboys’ faithful, many of which are currently stressed over the fact Romo is still with the team, the fact that most of the starting secondary from 2016 isn’t, or that we didn’t somehow pay a pass rusher with one hand whose talents reside in New York.

Tony Romo is going to make some other team better if he plays in 2017, and even if that team is the neighboring Houston Texans, they won’t be able to touch the Dallas Cowboys – according to an all-time Dallas legend.

How cool is that?

Tell us what you think about “Michael Irvin Weighs In On Houston Texans As Tony Romo’s Landing Spot” in the comments below. You can also email me at Sean.Martin@InsideTheStar.com, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

Sean Martin

Born January 28th, 1996- Cowboys Super Bowl XXX. Point Pleasant NJ, no we're not how you think we are. Host of "Upon Further Review" on 90.3 WMSC FM and wmscradio.com every Friday from 1-4 PM ET. You may @ me: @SeanMartinNFL.

  • BrokeDog

    The Texans have one chance and ONLY one chance, to win a Super Bowl in the next year or two … sign Tony Romo NOW! If they blow it, and let this opportunity pass, they may be YEARS from having another shot at it.
    Most every GM in the NFL believes that, right now, the Texans are simply just a quality QB away from making it to, AND, possibly winning a Super Bowl. There is only one QB out there, who is in the “upper echelon” of his position … and that is Tony Romo. I, personally, believe Houston HAS TO take this chance (if they REALLY DO want to win a Super Bowl, anytime soon).
    While I love Michael Irvin, I do believe he is wrong about one thing, tho … a Tony Romo led Houston Texan offense, would be just a little too much, right now, for my CowPokes defense! Dak HAS TO have another year or two of experience, in a “pass oriented” offense, before he can keep the ‘Pokes in an all or nothing shoot-out (not even taking into account that this current Cowboy defense cannot get the ‘Pokes into a Super Bowl)! Dallas is 2 great DEFENSIVE drafts away from being an actual SB contender … and we all know that DEFENSE wins championships.

    • https://InsideTheStar.com Sean Martin

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I agree that the Texans could contend for a Super Bowl with Tony Romo, which makes this all the more interesting. However, I disagree on how far off Dallas’ defense is when it comes to this team as a whole also being a contender. Expect Prescott to take even further strides in what is actually a run oriented offense, and the defense to basically be what it was in 2016.

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