Last year Kevin Burnett maintained a blog on the Dallas Morning News website all year long. This year tight end Martellus Bennett has taken over that duty while also being active on Twitter. Tashard Choice got his new website started by announcing it on And now Mike Jenkins has taken it a step further – he’s got his blog at, twitters, and has done an interview with

Seems that more and more of these players, especially the younger ones, are branching out from the normal exposure of television and newspaper journalism and are getting quite comfortable in the social media world.

[wstlink]r[/wstlink]Some would say that perhaps too comfortable is the correct description after Mike Jenkins gave himself the role of starter opposite Terence Newman in his post titled “My Job to Keep.”

It was taken a little too far by some of the more mainstream outlets since he starts that blog post by saying “Heading into training camp I’m the starter at right cornerback, and my job is to maintain that position.” It’s a true statement and looks as though he’s got a good outlook on things by understanding it’s his job to keep, meaning he’s going to have to work hard and correct some of last years mistakes to keep that job.

But judging by the amount of talk that was generated by that post, it’s probably safe to say that he’s getting off to an entertaining start for us. His blog is new, only three posts to date. He’s got his Twitter page that he updates several times daily, in most cases. And really he’s just getting started. So go check him out and don’t forget that he changed his number for this year from 31 to 21, at brought to you by the guys at PlayerPress.

What do you think?

Bryson Treece

Written by Bryson Treece

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