Mississippi State To Display Dak Prescott Billboards In Dallas

Probably the biggest difference between the NFL and the collegiate and high school levels of football is the sense of community that comes with those “school-level” programs. Sure, the Dallas Cowboys do a lot for both the state of Texas and the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but they are very much a national team rather than a local force which may close down small towns each time they host a game.

Starkville, Mississippi is the perfect encapsulation of what a college football town is, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is their home-bred son.

As the most decorated and accomplished football player in Mississippi State Bulldogs history, Prescott is still feeling the love from both those hometown fans, and the school he led back to relevance for four straight years.

Mississippi State decided to post billboards this Sunday in Dallas to let their love and support for Dak be known. You can see a mock-up of the billboard in the tweet below.

Mississippi State Football on Twitter

FromStateToSundays | @15_DakP billboards on display Sunday in Dallas #HailState

Obviously, the image shows Prescott in both his college and professional uniform, while the text reads “Wherever you go, we go with you.” This is certainly a powerful message to send, and speaks volumnes about the type of player and person that the Cowboys will start at quarterback this Sunday.

Dak Prescott has had an unbelievable, improbable run in Dallas so far. Considering that he was supposed to be a third string developmental quarterback this season, the fact that all the dominoes fell his way and gave him the opportunity to prove himself is rather remarkable.

Dak has been fantastic so far both on and off the field as a Cowboy, and we can only hope that his success continues this Sunday when the games start to count for real.

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