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Moose Season: Daryl Johnston Owns #48

If you're feeling some frustration that Monday is back in our lives then you should follow the lead of Arts and Craftsy Tony Romo and channel it with paper mache.

When you're back to your normal self, you'll be able to see clearly that football is upon us! …sort of

The first practice of the 2015 season will take place this Thursday, but the first game of the season will take place 48 days from now. Get into the Cowboy mood by celebrating the Greatest 48 in Dallas Cowboys .

The Following Players Have All Worn 48 For the Dallas Cowboys:

  • Mister Alexander, LB
  • Micheal Barrow, LB
  • Tim Dobbins, LB
  • Isaiah Greenhouse, LB
  • , FB
  • Terry Witherspoon, FB

You all know the story.

buys the Cowboys. Jerry brings in . In 1989 the franchise selects with the 1st overall pick in the draft. Happily ever after, right?

While that's totally true, a huge cog in the machine of the 1990s Dallas Cowboys was taken in the 2nd round of that same 1989 draft.

Cowboys Blog - Moose Season: Daryl Johnston Owns #48
Dallas Cowboys FB Daryl Johnston #48

Daryl Johnston

Teamed up in the 1989 draft with Troy Aikman and the Greatest 53 in Dallas Cowboys History, Mark Stepnoski, Johnston helped lay the foundation for success.

The former Syracuse Orangeman was a if there ever was one.

Daryl began a streak of 149 consecutive games played in 1989, but an even bigger phenomenon began that year.

The Birth Of Moose

Babe Laufenberg, now a color analyst on the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network, noticed that Daryl was a tad bigger than the other running backs.

He said that Johnston looked like “a moose in a herd of deer” and Daryl was Moose from then on.

Cowboys Blog - Moose Season: Daryl Johnston Owns #48 4
Dallas Cowboys FB Daryl Johnston #48 at practice

“Mooooose” became a rallying cry heard around whenever Daryl Johnston made a big play, which was often.

Johnston has 22 career touchdowns off of 294 receptions (3rd in franchise history among running backs) and 2,227 yards receiving — as a fullback!

48 + 22

While Daryl Johnston is remembered by fans as an incredible, and arguable player, he is remembered most dearly by the NFL's All-Time Leading Rusher — .

To be a fullback in the Dallas Cowboys system meant sacrificing a great deal, both emotionally and physically. Moose served as the lead blocker for a majority of the yards that Emmitt gained en route to his historical 18,355.

Cowboys Blog - Moose Season: Daryl Johnston Owns #48 1
Daryl Johnston and Emmitt Smith celebrate in XXVIII

The backfield duo of Johnston and Smith, along with a few other offensive components, helped the Dallas Cowboys win three Super Bowls in four years and establish themselves as an NFL Dynasty.

Emmitt Smith shared an emotional bond with Daryl, which he recounted in his Pro Football Hall of Fame speech in 2010.

#48: The Moose Does It All

Daryl Johnston was an elite force, not just for the Dallas Cowboys, but for the fullback position as a whole.

Thanks to the standard that Moose set at the position, the NFL established a defined fullback at the annual . Johnston became the first fullback ever selected to the Pro Bowl in 1993, a distinction he earned in 1994 as well.

Some NFL players integrate football into everything that they do.

This is absolutely the case for Daryl Johnston as his football career has continued long after his days as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

Moose now lives in the broadcast booth at with his new teammates Kenny Albert and Tony Siragusa. His knowledge and passion for the game of football are readily apparent, as he applies his same sense of focus to this phase of the game.

Cowboys Blog - Moose Season: Daryl Johnston Owns #48 3
FOX Sports broadcasters, Kenny Albert (left) and Daryl Johnston (right).

Canton Needs A Moose

Daryl Johnston was an extraordinary football player and leader during his days in the NFL.

His contributions to his team resulted in 3 Super Bowls, helped the fullback position gain respect, and — as his primary responsibility — paved the way for the great Emmitt Smith, for whom Moose blocked all the way to the Hall of Fame.

Daryl deserves to be remembered forever as a member of the Dallas Cowboys , the , and as the greatest 48 in Dallas .

Check back tomorrow to find out who the greatest #47 in Dallas Cowboys history is!

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RJ Ochoa
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