Most Valuable Players From Cowboys Loss to Falcons

I grew up with a guy who’s initials were MRP. I think his middle name was Ryan, but can you imagine how awesome it would have been had his parents chosen Victor or Vincent instead of that?


My childhood friend does not play for the Dallas Cowboys or the Atlanta Falcons, but we are going to crown the MVPs from that game. Without further adieu, let’s move victoriously past this intro.

Joseph Randle

Last time I checked three touchdowns was a solid day at the office for an NFL player (and the wildest dream of the 2015 DeMarco Murray or any version of the Washington Redskins).

Joey hit the hat trick last Sunday against the Falcons all in the first half. While, yes I know, the team took their foot off the gas in the second half as the Falcons roared back… Randle played well. He showed the quick burst that we saw briefly in 2014 and taught us that he is without a doubt the main ball carrier in this system.

The Cowboys didn’t play well in the second half, but that wasn’t on Randle… or really the run game in general.

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The team has to do a better job overcoming when teams load the box, but Randle has given us a lot of reasons to be hopeful this season. He is one of only four players to have rushed for at least 50 yards in every game this season and that trend looks to continue moving forward.

Lance Dunbar

If you read my bold predictions from last week then you know that I was big on Lance Dunbar entering the Atlanta game. Darren Sproles and Shane Vereen, two “satellite” backs like Dunbar, had extreme success against the Falcons and Dunbar looked to as well.

He did.

10 targets. 10 catches. 100 yards.

First of all, that is one of the prettiest stat lines that I have ever seen. Secondly, Lance Dunbar is the man! His 21 receptions for 215 yards are 5 and 36, respectively, more than any other running back in the NFL. When in the game last Sunday he absolutely torched the Atlanta Falcons through the air.

Throughout the entire offseason the conversation was about whether Joseph Randle or Darren McFadden would handle the load for the Cowboys. It looks like Lance Dunbar has carved out his own special piece in this offense and he is making it count. Dun-dun-dun-DUNBAR!

Morris Claiborne

When the Dallas Cowboys traded up for Morris Claiborne in 2012, hopes were sky-high. His first three seasons were quite the ride back down to earth. The 2015 version of Mo is very different though.

Jordan Ross on Twitter

So far this year, he’s allowed 14 catches for 138 yards, 0 TD’s, a completion % of 63.6 and a passer rating of 81.3.

Holy wow, Morris! “This year” includes matchups against Odell Beckham Jr. AND Julio Jones last Sunday. In fact during the first half of the game, Mo limited Julio to 27 yards on just 3 catches.

The wheels fell off the team as a whole in the second half, but Claiborne played very well. The biggest thing in my opinion is that Morris is not giving up those big plays that he has in the past. He’s limiting the way big receivers can control the game for their respective teams, and he did all he could with Julio Jones on Sunday.

Our own Walter Yeates pondered on the capabilities of Claiborne recently here at Inside The Star. Morris Claiborne had moments against the Falcons where he did indeed look like the savior of our defense.

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