NFC East Rivalry: Reviewing the History Between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys



Football’s back y’all and what better way to start the season than facing the ?

Throughout my days as a diehard fan I’ve lived and learned that these games have a special taste, the build up that surrounds this game is a bit different than all others. No matter which team is better, who’s more talented or even who’s got more championships, when game time arrives every stat, every record vanishes, because each and every player knows that there’s pride at stake, they play their hearts out, simply because it is not allowed for the to lose to the New York Giants. So what makes this so intense? Here are 10 facts, that every Cowboy fan should keep in mind:

1. The very first game played between these two teams was back in 1960, when the NYG were kinda of a super power in the league and the ‘boys were just born in the league so everyone was expecting a blowout, well, it was a tie 31-31. So the rivalry was born somewhere between the 1960s to the early 80s.

2. Throughout these matchups, the Cowboys lead the regular season series 56-41-2. Nevertheless, the Giants lead the playoff series 1-0, ugh…

3. In 1985, with the division title at stake, 3rd string QB Steve Pelluer led the Cowboys to a 28-21 victory, that’s gotta hurt!

4. In 1993 our beloved all time leading rusher ran for 200+ yards with a separated shoulder in a 16-13 OT win over the Giants, which gave the Cowboys a in , later on winning XXVIII (Emmitt Smith was the )



5. On September 20, 2009, Lawrence Tynes made a 37-yard field goal as the game clock expired to give the Giants a 33–31 victory and spoil the opening of the new , with a crowd of a record-breaking 105,121 people. After the game, Giants wrote in the visiting locker room “’33–31′ First win in the new stadium” next to his name.

6. During the 2007 season the Dallas Cowboys won the two regular season games, jut to be swept by the Giants in the divisional playoff round, in route to winning Super Bowl XLII.

7. In 2011 the Giants were down by 12 points and with 3:41 in the game clock the managed to come back and win the game 37-34. Maybe you guys remember JPP blocking a FG attempt which would have meant the W for the ‘boys.

8. MNF in 1994 season, suffered from a sprained knee because S Tito Wooten hammered him in mid-air. That action lead to a big fight, Michael Irving punching with his helmet a Giants guy, and the Cowboys receivers coach picking a fight with Jarvis Williams from the Giants. When the fight was over, the Cowboys won 38-10.

9. In 2003 the Giants almost recovered from a 29-14 lead, finding themselves 32-29 with just 11 seconds on the game clock. So the Giants just had to kickoff and prevent a big play, but the kick went out of bounds putting the boys in the 40 yd line, next play QB Quincy Carter completed a pass to Antonio Bryant to the Giants 34 yard and with a 5 yard field goal they took it to overtime. In OT Billy Cundiff won the game with a 25 yarder.

10. New Jersey governor Chris Christie accepted his support to the Dallas Cowboys.

PLUS nobody likes Eli Manning…



So, come Sunday Night it’s OUR time to win in the newly named …GO COWBOYS!!!!

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Written by Gustavo Andreu

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