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NFL Bans Purses From Games

fans and other NFL team fans are up in arms over the newest rule change put in place by the league. The NFL is hearing plenty of criticism from their female fans who are in extreme opposition to a new rule that forbids carrying a purse and similar type bags into any NFL game.

The rule specifies that no bag larger than the size of a hand may be carried inside an NFL stadium for a game unless the bag is clear. Even these clear bags can be no larger than 12 by 6 by 12. Pictured below is a blueprint for a clear bag produced by the NFL that may be legally brought in to a stadium.

The NFL has already been bombarded with complaints from women and men alike. However, the league feels that this is a good move to help keep the environment safe and will not revisit the issue.

In light of the horrific events that unfolded at the Boston marathon this year, this is a good move by the NFL to help keep these sporting events safe. About 88 thousand people usually attend a game at and if banning purses helps keep fans safe, then it’s a good move.

Unfortunately, sporting events may become a new target for terror attacks after the Boston Marathon bombing. Thankfully the NFL and stadiums of all teams are doing what they can to ensure that another such tragedy doesn’t happen.

The NFL has listened to the reasoning and complaints of concerned fans but consider the new rule a minor inconvenience that is a necessity to keep NFL games a safe place; this is a good move by the league.

On the bright side ladies, there won’t be as many bags to check which will allow fans to get inside the stadium and to their seats quicker than before. Security checks will go faster without having to dig through purses, an activity that owners of purses usually don’t appreciate anyway.

So on September 8, when you go watch the Cowboys take on the rival at Cowboys stadium, take your Cowboys apparel, your cheering voice and lucky socks but don’t take your purse.

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What a dumb rule. They check the bags, so I don’t know why they need to ban the bags. We are getting to a point that feels like we live in a police state, and it is driving me crazy. The writers next to last paragraph is also very condescending. I know Seth is young, but if he’s writing for you, you should work with him.


Bags were already being checked. Either the previous bag checks were ineffective, or this does not materially improve safety.

I very much doubt the nfl cares about entry lines. The most plausible explanation I can come up with for this policy is that by removing the need for bag checks, they can reduce the number of security personnel and save money. And they cynically justify the move on safety grounds.

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