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NFL Free Agency: 2 wide receivers the Cowboys should consider signing

After having one of the best-receiving corps in the league two seasons ago, the went from terrorizing opposing defenses to having opposing teams dare the Boys to beat them beyond

When Lamb wasn't open, there was no other receiver that was able to step up. To put it in perspective, Lamb had 107 receptions this past season, and the next closest wideout had 43 receptions (). 

And to clarify, that is nothing against Brown, who had a breakout in the first half of the season, but he was once a WR3/WR4 option two seasons ago – and now he was your WR2 this season. 

That's not okay. You could argue that their wide receiver group was worse than the pre-

But enough of the negatives because we're here to offer two guys who can come in and help the . These two possess the speed that can stretch the field for the Cowboys . Plus, it would be nice to see more deep shots than the dink-and-dunk that the Boys mostly ran last year. 

So, to ease your curiosity, check them out below.

1. Mecole Hardman

First, we start with wideout . A former second-round pick out of Georgia, Hardman was getting pegged as a Tyreek Hill replacement (when he was going through legal issues), but the Chiefs wound up having both speedsters on the team. 

There were lofty expectations for him, and to be honest, he didn't let live up to them and still hasn't. However, the main reason for that issue arguably has to be his

But there is one thing that he has the Cowboys don't have, and that's speed. 

According to PFF writer Marcus Mosher, Hardman has ranked in the 95th percentile among all WRs in separation percentage versus single coverage since 2020. So, yeah, he's good.

While his market value is listed at $11M, according to Spotrac, and that may scare fans from him, the needs to open their pocketbooks if they're dedicated to improving. 

2. Darius Slayton

If the front office isn't open to signing that contract, they can divert their energy and attention toward an East wideout that has torched them through the years.


A former fifth-round pick out of Auburn, Slayton assimilated himself to the league quickly as he finished with 700-plus receiving yards in his rookie year. He would have another 700-plus yards in his sophomore season, as he made himself known as one of the ' best playmakers.

However, in his next season, and drops would hinder his production, and he didn't look the same. Now a , there are questions if the Giants will opt to re-sign him. 

With a market value of only $3.5M, you would imagine that it has to be a no-brainer signing for them. But with the current age of the NFL, things change quickly, and he could be donning different threads next season.

This is where the Cowboys step in, as they could reap the benefits of signing a cheap, young speedster who they are familiar with. While this could scream shades of the signing last year, Slayton has more production on his resume, and he's younger.

Having a speedster like Slayton as your WR3 (barring holds onto his WR2 spot and returns to form) would benefit the offense as a whole, as the backend of the would have to respect Lamb, Gallup, and someone like Slayton breaking one downfield.

This also opens up your … so yeah. 

If these two guys aren't to your taste, the Cowboys can look toward other options in or the this year. Adding speed and talent to their offense has to be one of their number-one priorities this , or we will endure a very long season next year.


Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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