NFL Playoffs: The Super Bowl Won’t Be As Bad As You Think

Once it was official that the Denver Broncos would be in the Super Bowl, I tried to decide how this Super Bowl could actually be entertaining. I think Peyton Manning would struggle against either the Carolina or Arizona defense, so how can this become entertaining?

Well, how about Cam Newton with the ultimate test? The Denver Broncos defense is something serious. That game they played against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots was utterly dominant.

Let’s see Cam Newton finish his unbelievable campaign up against the toughest test in the league. Between the Broncos pass rush and their secondary, Newton will not find it easy.

NFL Blog - NFL Playoffs: The Super Bowl Won't Be As Bad As You Think

The Broncos proved that they can get pass rush by simply rushing three and dropping everyone else into coverage. I don’t know if that would be their game plan against the Panthers, but you can definitely expect to see Cam Newton under duress.

It’ll be really exciting to see what kind of game Cam Newton can put together when under pressure. The athletic Denver Broncos should be able to keep Cam in the pocket, taking away that dimension to his game.

Can Cam Newton stay poised under pressure and continue to throw the ball surgically? Can Cam escape the pressure and run for big gains? Have you learned anything about the NFL this year?

Everyone thinks this game will result in a Panthers blowout over the Broncos, which obviously means the game will be a nail-biter.

NFL Blog - NFL Playoffs: The Super Bowl Won't Be As Bad As You Think 1

Every single playoffs, this happens. The best games on paper are the worst games and the worst games on paper end up being the best ones.

I won’t fall into your trap NFL! This game will be awesome to watch.

Can the Denver Broncos defense control the game so much that a limited Peyton Manning at this stage of his career will still be able to pull off a victory? Will Cam Newton continue his domination and embarrass the Broncos defense? Will Peyton Manning find the fountain of youth and give us a vintage Peyton performance, riding off into the sunset?

I’ll tell you this much…this game looks much worse on paper than the Broncos and Seahawks matchup did, so that clearly means this game will be so much better.

What do you think?


Written by Nick Cocchiaro

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