NFL to Investigate New York Giants for Radio Use During Week 14 Match-Up ✭
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NFL to Investigate New York Giants for Radio Use During Week 14 Match-Up

Ben McAdoo, Giants

Game Notes

NFL to Investigate New York Giants for Radio Use During Week 14 Match-Up

The 11-2 Dallas Cowboys are fully focused on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, their week 15 opponent; however, Cowboys fans have yet to move on from Dallas’ second loss of 2016. What we know at this point, without a doubt, is that first-year Head Coach Ben McAdoo was seen using a hand radio to call in plays during the fourth quarter to Eli Manning.

This is illegal in the NFL simply because the normal, regulated headsets cutoff communication to the quarterback with 15 seconds remaining on the play clock. Up until the snap (or even during the play), a hand radio can be keyed into the QBs helmet – violating this rule.

The Giants are already under investigation for all of these infractions, but a new wrinkle has emerged that will surely rock the Giants’ world – and have an effect on the Cowboys moving forward.

If McAdoo’s trusty radio, which he held in one hand while perusing his often-made-fun-of massive play card with the other, was tuned in to the Cowboys communications, the Giants should be facing some massive penalties.

Mike Ortiz Jr.’s full article goes on to say: “According to, which also reported the investigation, the Cowboys didn’t even technically have to file a complaint because the NFL was already looking into the Giants’ potential violation of the rules.”

As is, they are high off of their win against the Cowboys that has them two games behind in the NFC East with three to play.

While Cowboys fans await word from the NFL on a punishment for the Giants (who gained the exact same total yardage as the Cowboys in this game), the team needs to be focused on handling their own business at home these next two weeks.

Tampa Bay is a formidable opponent, and the Cowboys need to focus on using this week’s game as a step toward the playoffs. This is Jason Garrett’s focus, while Giants fans, coaches, and players can worry about walkie-talkies and any investigations.

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Sean Martin

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