No offense = A$$ Beating

The entire game I was thinking to myself….Where did our O-line go? we had no push from the guys up front. The few decent plays Marion had were single effort plays. It is really sickening to watch a team with this much talent play this horrible. You can only hold an offense like the Giants for so long and our defense did a pretty good job. Captain Ass Bag should have been pulled in the first quarter. Absolutely no production from our offense when he is under center. Bollinger had to come in under pretty shitty circumstances and it was obvious he was not ready for the pressure put on by the Giants. I am so happy we have a bye week and that (hopefully) all of our first team will be back.

There has to be something said to Mike Jenkins about the Giants last score. He didn’t even attempt to tackle the ball carrier he just watched him run by. That is pathetic. Ya he had the great pick-6 but still you can not just give up on a routine play like that. He better get blasted when the defense watches film this week.

Romo now has a lot of pressure on him to get this offense going and I just hope the guys can take this off week to try to get the chemistry back. It was obvious that the Giants were the better team on both sides of the ball.

At least my Red Raiders won! In probably the best college football game of the year.

What do you think?


Written by Lee Pierce


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