No Time To Relax

The San Francisco 49ers brings their 3-7 record to town this week. There is no room to look beyond this game, the Cowboys simply cannot afford to stumble. This will not be an easy game it will take the same kind of effort given in the Redskin game to get a victory. This team seems to understand and grasp this notion now, although it was just one game. Let’s hope they can come out with the same intensity they showed the last week.

On the offensive side of the ball here are my keys to the game:

  1. Establish the run, big key here is getting someone on Willis.
  2. Attack the corners of their defense, Force them into mismatches with Roy and T.O.
  3. Control the Clock, this will help the defense immensely the longer we have the ball the more it forces the Niners to go away from Frank Gore.

I look for the game to go very similar to last week’s game plan.

On defense it’s a pretty simple game plan.

  1. STOP FRANK GORE! They will get the ball to Gore many different ways and they must be ready.
  2. Be aware of the screen! The Niners love the screen to Gore
  3. Up the middle pass rush! Force Shaun Hill into making bad decisions, he has the ability to move around a little but he tends to make poor decisions when forced to run.

I expect to see a lot of the 46 defense.

Special Teams, well for starters tackle the guy with ball! This has been a sore spot all year and it has not gotten any better so I don’t anticipate drastic improvements this week. Sounds like a bleak outlook I know, but this unit has played the same since preseason and I have not seen or heard anything to make me think otherwise.

As much as I would love to see a blow out I do not necessarily believe that is what this team needs right now. This team needs to start building some momentum, and confidence. Nothing builds confidence and momentum like someone giving you their best shot and you standing tall and throwing one back. This team needs to be pushed and tested. Dictate the game this week fellas!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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