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Not Dun Yet: Cowboys, Lance Dunbar Agree To 1 Year Deal

After all of our woes, the Cowboys finally inked a deal today to bring in a 1,000 yard receiver. Well, actually, not a receiver. And, not actually 1,000 yards, but he was on pace to get that.

In any event, the Cowboys signed to a one year contract on Thursday. According to Adam Caplan and Adam Schefter of , the one year deal is worth up to $1.75 million.

The Cowboys have showed faith, and patience, in Dunbar as a secret offensive weapon ever since he got to Dallas in 2012. As an undrafted , Dunbar attended with the Cowboys in 2012, and went on to make the that season. He was later promoted to the active squad where he played a role as a rotational , and gunner.

When healthy, Dunbar could arguably be tagged as one of the most versitile running backs in football. However, that's a big “when.”

After struggling with off and on throughout his first four seasons, Dunbar will likely have a year to prove that he can put them behind him, stay healthy, and provide a solid offensive spark.

The Cowboys use Dunbar in a variety of ways, most notably being his receiving abilities on screens, and his return abilities on special teams.

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With turning 29 this August, and the lack of high profile pickups in free agency, if Dallas doesn't go after a running back high in the draft, Dunbar could be in line for a breakout season.

The Landry Trophy
The Landry Trophy
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