Now introducing “THE THUG OF THE YEAR”

Adam Pacman Jones
AP Photo/Nashville police department

Well it did not take very long for “Pac-Man” Jones to be back in the news again! He made it a whole month! Even though I believe this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion, this guy is either extremely stupid, or completely oblivious to his situation. I tend to lean toward the stupid side.

As I have been reading all the different articles and reports on the “Incident” it has become obvious to me that the guy just does not know how to function in the real world. Apparently he only knows how to live “ghetto style”, how does the old saying go? “You can take the boy out of the ghetto, but you can never get the ghetto out of the boy” well he is proving this true. Mr. Jones was obviously never taught how to grow up and become a man (I know Prime Time is trying to teach him this now) so it will not matter how many guards (whoever the guard was last night better not have a job today) Jerry Jones assigns to him he is going to continue his stupidity.

I have read many places where people have been commenting on this situation. I have heard many say “cut him”, “Jerry and Cowboys are covering it up”, and I would totally understand the first, and would agree with the second comment, but the one that blows me away is “All Jerry and the Cowboys care about is winning they do not care about character”. Well no shit you don’t say! Since when does character have anything to do with football? I could care less what the character of the Dallas Cowboys is. If I wanted to root for a team full of players with good character I would wear blue and red and scream “Go Texans” on Sundays!

Pac-Man is a thug, and always will be! Every good football team has a bunch of them. Everyone needs to keep in mind Pac-Man is no more thug than: Ray Lewis, Chris Henry, Marvin Harrison, and so on and so on….. The question is, do these guys make a difference to your football team? And the answer is and always will be YES! As long as you can somewhat contain the thuggery. What would YOU rather have, A winning team with a few Thugs? Or a losing team with no Thugs?

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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