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Odell Beckham Jr. Should Be A High-Priority Signing for the Cowboys Post-Draft

With Draft week upon us, you would imagine that all NFL Fans and Teams have their eyes peeled on the , so NFL is likely going to be an afterthought. While that shouldn't dismiss its importance, you can bet there won't be any big news happening around the league, especially in Dallas.

However, with how crazy the past year has been in the NFL, I would bet you're going to see some more craziness, and one storyline will be: The Cowboys actually a big free agent.

As fans and I have seen them whiff on signing LBs and , I'm going to drink the Cowboys Kool-Aid, and say there going to make some moves post-draft. With that in mind, check out my piece that goes over why I believe WR will be the Cowboys biggest signing, and why he makes the most sense.

You get a WR who can still produce big-time on the field.

After touting one of the best WR groups in the league last season, the need for a WR became a high priority for the franchise after they got rid of WRs and in the .

While they did re-sign WR and added wideout , most mocks have them taking a at some point in the draft to help solve their issues. As a young WR prospect would be beneficial for them money-wise and for their long-term plans, Beckham Jr. would be someone who would help them right away.

Yes, there may be some risk in going after him but his elite qualities are what makes him worth the trouble, and having him as your WR2 or WR3 would be huge. Also, signing him would kill the doubts about who could step up beyond Lamb and Gallup, and he would bring a -winning pedigree.


Additionally, I get the crowd who points out that he's going to be coming off an ACL , but the club didn't seem to mind re-signing Gallup, who's also recovering from the same injury. According to Spotrac, his market value is estimated at $13.1 million per year, and given the franchise has money to spend it would make sense to throw some his way.

Yes, there may be cheaper WR options that the franchise can go after, but most are unproven or injury-prone. And with Beckham Jr. aka the Cowboys Killer, it would be sweet to not have to root against him anymore.

So what do you think Cowboy fans? Are you on the wagon of giving money to Odell Beckham Jr.?

Rocky Garza Jr
Rocky Garza Jr
Rolling with the Boyz since 96'. Chop up sports with me on Twitter @rockssjr.

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OBJ is coming off of back to back ACL’s, and has diminishing production even beforehand.
He is also a me first guy, which makes him a lousy teammate by definition.
When the going gets tough you can count on Odell being part of the problem needing special attention from within. No thanks.

All that AND you want to give him 13 mil?
Time to move on from focusing on name recognition being the reason to sign guys. In Most cases when guys hit their 3rd contracts they are done and should be looked upon as 1 year near minimum guys


Dallas is not gonna spend $13 mill on an injury prone 3rd receiver. Not gonna happen. OBJ is junk no damaged goods. I don’t want him even at $2 millliona year


I would love for them to get OBJ, go get him Jerry

Gregg Mock

I scouted OBJ coming out of college and at his best, he is one of the most talented and gifted WR’s ever. BUT. But, time and water have rolled under the bridge and NFL experience has changed his approach to the game. The physicality is evident and still present, his burst of speed, he still stays low in and out of his cuts and most of all his soft hands. However with the glam and fame of the gridiron experience, it appears he has lost sight of what’s important. What got him here. Football should be the focus and it’s not. Everything else is. He needs to get back to basics and put everything else second. So if/when that happens Odell has to stay grounded. That’s how you stay relevant on the field and in turn everything else will follow suit. With the advancement of technology in science in the medical field those injuries are of little concern. Hell, they will make is knee better and more equip to handle the stress of game. That being said Cowboys, do your homework on everything before this marriage. The sky(or Super Bowl) is the limit if it’s the right fit but if not we are back to square one.

Cowboys fan

You say there may be cheaper WR options that the franchise can go after, but most are unproven or injury prone….. Well I think OBJ can be added to that list of players, cause he seems to be injury prone this late in his career!! He just injured his ACL for the 2nd time in less than 2 years!! The same one at that!! If that’s not considered injury prone, then idk what is!! And with that being said, there’s no way I’d pay him over 13 million a year!! If he wants to come in as the number 3 receiver on a cheap 2 or 3 million dollar contract with part of his contract giving us a way out if he’s injured again, then yeah, I wouldn’t mind signing him!! But there’s no way I’m signing an injury prone player like him to a 13 million dollar contract!! That’s just a waist of money, cause chances are that he’s gonna get injured again, and then we’ll be stuck paying for an injured player!! So unless he takes that cheap 1 year prove it deal I mentioned, I’ll pass!!


For me, probably not Rocky. Injuries, a bit of a diva AND the draft is chock full of very good, less expensive WRs.



First of all–he’s possibly the most unlikable player in the league. Then, he won’t be ready until week 10-12. Then, he hasn’t been elite in, like, literally years. Then, oh also, the most unlikable guy who has everrr been in the league. Then also, that whack-job family/dad of his. Now, if he wanted to take a 4 million dollar paycheck for this year, and THEN pro-rate it down to games-played (so 8*$235K) AND sign a injury waiver for that knee…that would probably be worth it to me (just to watch him sulk cause he’d only get like, 30 targets for the whole season trying to get up to speed/synch with the quarterback) there is a real chance he doesn’t play AT ALL this year (medically) (and yes, I am, as a matter of fact, a doctor and a surgeon) Zero chance someone is going to pay him $13 million…


Yes sign him before draft! He wants to wear the star so now have him earn one


Forget OBJ.
Bad knee, bad attutude.


First he has been getting hurt the past few years. He is a head case and is only out for himself ( not a team player). Why waste good money on a guy like this. His production has been going down as well


Plenty of WR in the draft with no injury history. At this point OBJ is just a name that gets people excited.

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